Cultural Notes


Democrats have mostly successfully painted the entire Republican party as racist. Despite many decades of Democrat establishment racism (racism which I argue didn’t go away but turned into something more insidious). They get around minority Republicans by calling them improper members of that minority. If you are a minority Republican, you must not really be black/female/gay/Hispanic/whatever.

I was getting ready to argue baboons, but linked to “ignorant blacks” that’s a bit rough to push against. There have been several people losing their minds over phrases like “monkey up” and calling people dogs and linking it to racism rather than either being rude or hard knuckle politics.



I watched LBJ a few weeks ago. I was really surprised, because Woody Harrelson did a really good job. (I’m not a Woody fan. I watched the movie in spite of him, not because of.) A quote from IMDB:

Now, if we play this right, we’re gonna have those nigras voting Democrat the next 200 years.

As I recall, there was also a mention about a plan to make the black people used to sucking on the government teat and equating it to another form of slavery.

I don’t know if it is true, but later in the movie, LBJ tells a story about his personal chef, who was a black woman, and the difficulties she had when she drove from DC to Texas.


Yeah, those phrases have been used for a long time to describe everyone, not just non-whites.
I have actually called someone a knuckle dragging baboon - because they were an ignorant knuckle dragging baboon. It just so happened that the person was white, but if someone is ignorant I reserve the right to call them ignorant regardless of race/religion/sexual orientation.


I don’t know if you saw it there, but the number of times Bush was illustrated as a monkey was amazing. And now Trump is a baboon… but racist. I cannot disagree in a public venue with a woman/minority/or LGBT person. If I do the only reason I would disagree is prejudice.

There are policies that some Democrats advance for minorities would almost be considered child abuse if they did it to their own children. The helicopter parenting of an entire demographic.


Well, we can all go home now. All the other problems have been solved.

Are those sex saddle things regulated? Do you have to license your Sybian? Sex dolls for men and women have been a thing ever since there were things. But we are worried now because someone might be making unregulated money. Let’s focus on cleanliness like it’s a restaurant and move on from there.

And whoo, Pandora’s box called… child robot regulation. Someone has to come up with objective standards of what a child robot is? If it looks 22 but they rent it thinking it looks 16 is that a crime? Whew, I am so glad I’m not involved in any of the decision making here.