Cultural Notes


Democrats have mostly successfully painted the entire Republican party as racist. Despite many decades of Democrat establishment racism (racism which I argue didn’t go away but turned into something more insidious). They get around minority Republicans by calling them improper members of that minority. If you are a minority Republican, you must not really be black/female/gay/Hispanic/whatever.

I was getting ready to argue baboons, but linked to “ignorant blacks” that’s a bit rough to push against. There have been several people losing their minds over phrases like “monkey up” and calling people dogs and linking it to racism rather than either being rude or hard knuckle politics.



I watched LBJ a few weeks ago. I was really surprised, because Woody Harrelson did a really good job. (I’m not a Woody fan. I watched the movie in spite of him, not because of.) A quote from IMDB:

Now, if we play this right, we’re gonna have those nigras voting Democrat the next 200 years.

As I recall, there was also a mention about a plan to make the black people used to sucking on the government teat and equating it to another form of slavery.

I don’t know if it is true, but later in the movie, LBJ tells a story about his personal chef, who was a black woman, and the difficulties she had when she drove from DC to Texas.


Yeah, those phrases have been used for a long time to describe everyone, not just non-whites.
I have actually called someone a knuckle dragging baboon - because they were an ignorant knuckle dragging baboon. It just so happened that the person was white, but if someone is ignorant I reserve the right to call them ignorant regardless of race/religion/sexual orientation.


I don’t know if you saw it there, but the number of times Bush was illustrated as a monkey was amazing. And now Trump is a baboon… but racist. I cannot disagree in a public venue with a woman/minority/or LGBT person. If I do the only reason I would disagree is prejudice.

There are policies that some Democrats advance for minorities would almost be considered child abuse if they did it to their own children. The helicopter parenting of an entire demographic.


Well, we can all go home now. All the other problems have been solved.

Are those sex saddle things regulated? Do you have to license your Sybian? Sex dolls for men and women have been a thing ever since there were things. But we are worried now because someone might be making unregulated money. Let’s focus on cleanliness like it’s a restaurant and move on from there.

And whoo, Pandora’s box called… child robot regulation. Someone has to come up with objective standards of what a child robot is? If it looks 22 but they rent it thinking it looks 16 is that a crime? Whew, I am so glad I’m not involved in any of the decision making here.


This is what community policing should be about:

Police do pre-party gardening at solo mum’s request

TL;DR: A solo mum couldn’t keep up with maintenance of her property so the police pitched in and helped tidy the place up for her son’s party.


I’m really looking forward to visiting. The more people I talk to, the better it sounds as a place to live too.


I run into this constantly. I understand why people believe the way they do, I just disagree with their conclusions. But I am obviously a product of my whiteness and am racist sexist, phobic, something or other and there is no way a unbroken person could think that way.


It’s largely because a lot of them see the points upon which they get this incensed as “How is it even possible that you can think that way? That makes you a monster.”

I’ll not get into examples, so as not to devolve the thread into anything, but I know that I try and avoid that kind of response myself, though I’m probably on the farther side of the liberal/socialist/whatever spectrum (that I give absolutely no fucks about), and I try to have reasoned conversations about anything when I don’t just avoid the dangerous conversations altogether.


Okay, I know I may be blowing our trumpet a bit here, but I promise that if I saw things from other countries’ police departments I would post that too. I just love that the police do this sort of thing, and I also love the fact that this actually made the news.

Waikato police give stranded guests a ride to wedding

TL;DR: Car broke down on the way to a wedding, police were driving past, stopped, and gave them a lift (about a 30 minute drive).


That’s pretty cool. I have a nice police story to share with you. A long time ago, I rode a 250cc motorcycle, and it was my only transportation. It was too small to trip the traffic lights, so sometimes I would have to sit at a red light for quite some time, since I was working the 5AM to 2PM shift at the time. One day, I’m sitting at a light, trying to get on to the freeway, when a police car pulls in behind me. He sits there, the light turns, and I go on my merry way, looking to see how far behind me the police car was. He wasn’t. He had pulled in behind me just to get the light to change for me.


I was talking to someone on Facebook about something they stated.

Their comment was that politically the right is the only side with a body count. I called him on this BS and asked him to show me one attack by a right wing nutjob that happened because of the victim’s political beliefs. I listed the softball attack last year as my counter example and mentioned the number of candidates being attacked in the last three or four months.

His response was a list of racist and anti-Semite attacks. With the definition of a right wing attack being anything that attacks a minority. I could not separate this in his head, or even point it out to him. That just because someone is a white supremacist doesn’t mean they are Republican. He kept telling me Nazi’s don’t vote Democrat as if that meant something.

Finally he came up with the fake, or poorly built, bomb attacks as if that was the trump card to end all trump cards. I brought up the Ricin attacks and he accuses me of whataboutism.

But I wonder how many people agree with him. The SPLC does, MSNBC does, and some other outlets sometimes do. But is this why some leftists are getting violent because they honestly believe every racial attack is by a republican and they are simply defending themselves?

How does someone who believes that reconcile the black gay man who vandalized half a dozen synagogues in NYC?

I am starting to get to the point where I don’t understand the opposition any more and it concerns me.


That’s because they’re nuckin’ futs.


Okay, I’m not sure what this says about the Chinese culture. Actually, that’s a lie, I know exactly what it says.

There was a bit of a tragedy a week or so ago. A bus crashed off a bridge and killed 13 people. That’s the tragedy part, but the cultural thing is what happened next.
There was a huge outcry about a woman driving in the opposite direction who was supposed to be driving against the traffic, with a lot of people calling for women drivers to be banned.
There are so many things wrong with that, but I’ll limit myself to one thing though.
The woman driving the other way had absolutely nothing to do with the crash. The bus driver was fighting with a passenger and lost control of the bus. Not that facts are getting in the way of the sexism though as people are still calling for women drivers to be banned. :roll_eyes:


My daughter’s class got a lecture and chewing out for telling their Substitute Teacher “Bless You” when he sneezed. She came home and said she was supposed to say gesteitsomething. I assume he said gesundheit.

I found this really irritating, apparently he spent about half an hour telling these 6th graders that they shouldn’t tell people bless you 1) At school because separation of church and state and 2) It offends people of different, or no, religion.

Since I was in the middle of working on getting my substitute teaching cert it was particularly annoying. It’s totally not the place of some random dude to yell at a bunch of kids for saying something that is so ingrained into our culture you’d have to concentrate to not say it. Teachers, specifically substitutes shouldn’t be entering into these types of conversations.


Yeah, I’m with you - that’s a steaming pile of dung.


OK I’ m a card carrying atheist and I still think this is stupid.


I’ve got to admit, I’m not a big fan of “bless you” for a number of reasons. Even less of a fan of “bless” as one of the women at work says.
But the number of times I’ve got upset about it you can count on the fingers of one foot. It just isn’t that big a deal and certainly not worth a lecture.
What he said is also stupid because separation of church and state has nothing to do with individuals, just with institutionalised church/state joins.


Considering the amount of thought the average person puts into saying “Bless You” when someone sneezes it is just as secular as gesundheit now. Bless seems like someone put thought into it and then picked the most annoying compromise.

I think it was really just a pedantic asshole being pedantic.


It certainly looks that way

She’s actually lovely, I’m not sure if it’s a cultural thing (she’s Dutch) or whether it’s just that she got into the habit of saying it. Either way, it’s almost a Pavlovian response now :confused: