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Sorry, I meant in Hollywood.

But yeah, there is one.


How many conservatives are there in Hollywood?


No one really knows, most of them keep it on the down low. Their association keeps the membership secret and they don’t advertise the meetings. According to the general population numbers you’d think it should be somewhere near 50%, and I’ve seen plenty of estimates that say 30% or more.

But, until the latest scandals it was more of a career ender to be a conservative than it was to molest a woman. Just ask Polanski.


I’d be surprised if it were over 30%.


Apparently the people behind the camera trend more conservative, and the people bankrolling the films are agnostic.

And in other news George Takai is now Sgt. Schultz. He says he doesn’t even remember the guy that has Iaccused him of abuse. He has been on the forefront of the baying pack on the rest of them.

Now, while harrasment is a bad thing. I cannot believe that millions of dollars are being lost on stories of unwanted kissing and hip and breast grabbing 30-40 years ago. 90% of these wouldn’t even make it to court. “He grabbed my shoulder”, ok, and what did you do, “I left”…

Now several of them, are systemic and horrible. But they’ve lost all perspective. At this rate no one will have a job in Hollyweird.


So, having an internet argument, which is always good. And this is the link my friend shows to me to prove systemic racism is alive and well.

A man disguised his looks by putting on blackface. And that’s racist and horrible because he must have thought he’d get mixed up with all those black people robbing banks all the time… or something.

I told him the same page had a picture of women dressed as nuns robbing a bank does that mean they are anti Catholic? Or what if he wore a Nixon mask, would he be anti presidential?

He gave me a “I don’t even” response. Maybe I’m not getting it, but if he wore black stockings on his head would that be worse than a pink one? He’s a criminal, he’s already out of the norm, and that’s your example of the racism inherent in the system. How is this an example of why the courts and government need to keep a finger on the scales of justice.

Oh, and Takai started to blame the Russians and then deleted it.


Then you’re not the only one. Stupid man is stupid. And I’m not just talking about the blackface idiot.


Berkley Breathed publishes Bloom County on his own schedule these days and that allows him to adjust the storyline as he needs to. So, when the problems with Harvey Weinstein came to light, some of the past for Steve Dallas came back to haunt him. At the end of last week, Milo walks in and reads the note from management that says Steve is being replaced in the comic immediately. Steve’s reaction was to complain that he’d been “Spacey’d”.



He was also quick to point out that Bloom County was touched (not like that) by the Weinstein thing as the Weinstein company had optioned Bloom County years before.


I felt this between my divorce and when I remarried. I could go weeks without touching someone else. In our men’s group at church there is a lot of back slapping and two handed handshakes and that. It seemed odd at first, but it helps the bonding process.


Is there anyone with kids that had to read a article to know this?


That makes sense, but seeing what happened to Garrison Keillor over a single instance of accidental contact that lasted probably about two seconds, how many will keep staying away for fear that it will be construed into being a crime?


Eee-yep. This.


And more lunacy

Apparently Matt Damon said:

There’s a difference between patting someone on the butt and rape or child molestation, right? Both of those behaviours need to be confronted and eradicated without question, but they shouldn’t be conflated.

Which makes sense (I never thought I’d say that about Matt Damon).
There’s a difference between stealing a stick of gum from the local store and robbing a bank. Both are theft, both are wrong and both will be punished, but robbing a bank will be punished far more severely.
Same thing here. Accidentally touching someone’s back (and apologising for it) is incredibly trivial and you should not be tarred with the same brush as someone who has committed rape.

It seems though that a lot of people disagreed and got angry about it. Including his ex, Minnie Driver.
Minnie Driver attacks ex Matt Damon over sexual harassment remarks


It’s not lunacy, it’s what the progressives have been pushing for for decades now with zero tolerance rules. It’s about control, if everyone is guilty then you can pick and choose your victims. The statistics on College Sexual Assault include being asked out by someone they didn’t want to talk to as assault, or being touched on the dance floor by someone they didn’t want to touch them.

They’ve lost control of the issue now though. The number of liberal friends I have that are trying to excuse Al Franken, but still back these other issues is amazing. Listen, you can’t defend one man for doing something and convict dozens of them for the same thing.

If you opposed the reversal of the Dear Colleague letter then you have to boot Franken out yourself. The issue is people are pushing him to stay, without changing any of their other attitudes about this. Anyone remember the articles talking about Bush the elder making an off color joke and groping butts now? It was only a couple months ago, but these same people had their panties in a bunch about a man with dementia in a wheelchair possibly grabbing a bit of hip/butt. But now it’s ok.

And I read Minnie Driver’s comments, and I don’t know if it’s how she’s quoted, but its almost unintelligible.


That may be so, but it is still lunacy.

I thought it was quoted from her twitter feed, and I found exactly the same thing


It’s murder by cop.

And lord knows what the justification police used to shoot this kid. They knew literally nothing about what was going on. This qualified immunity shit is for the birds. You can be shot for walking around a store with a toy gun they sell, you can be shot for walking around with a BB gun in a public park… all for not responding within half a second to a panicked scream to obey orders. And let’s not even talk about hte Simon Says farce that just saw a police officer acquitted.

These aren’t even people acting in a dangerous manner, some crazy dude with a knife, or developmentally disabled kid with a hammer, or something, these are people who’s first notice that someone is in danger is when the cop shoots them.

Edit: Note the dude was shot once… sounds more like an accidental discharge than the cop deciding he was a threat, since when do they not unload a whole magazine… also, no one else fired…


I know it’s unlikely to happen, but I think the cop should also be arrested for murder. Yeah, I know they have a difficult job and all that, but as you say, that cop was the only one who fired - none of the others felt threatened enough to open fire.

Unfortunately, it’s probably only going to be the swatter who gets charged and though he thoroughly deserves that, I think the cop does too.


So, the President’s Tweet about men being ruined by allegations has people up in arms.

I don’t know why we can’t talk about issues men have with being falsely accused without the same people losing their minds about women who are abused. It’s a fact, men’s lives are being ruined without due process or even actual charges being brought against them.

Yes, other things happen to other people. Do we have to mention every tragedy when talking about any issue? A friend of mine is having insane issues with his ex wife and his kids, and he posts stuff about men deserving shared custody. He gets hammered by people quite often about how women have rights too. You simply can’t talk about men’s issues without hearing how horrible women have/had things.

So whenever a woman has an issue, should I tell them black blind women in North Korea have it worse? Or that slaves in the 1850’s we’re treated badly?


I will admit this is one of the few times that I agree with President Trump. Mere allegations-are- destroying people. Due process, in cases where it applies, is MIA. But where do we draw the line between ‘mere allegations’ and ‘credible allegations’ when that doesn’t apply?

I don’t think Mr. Porter makes a good test case. Photographic evidence, even when the parties involved are disputing the context, pushes the narrative in his accusers’ favor.

It’s making the statement in defense of Mr. Porter that grates a little harder than it might otherwise. Whether he was actually defending Mr. Porter or not.