Cultural Notes


Bond is interesting as the character should presumably either remain era-appropriate or the movies should become period pieces, (Neither of which specify or prevent changing casting around.) The Bond movies have changed quite a bit over the eras and I feel like anyone trying to make them into a single continuity is going to lose a lot of sleep. I feel like the “periodically replaced” does work, with the possible exception that the current one is coincidentally named Bond as well somehow.

As for pregnant Time Lords: They’re human-looking aliens, but aliens. Maybe the babies pop out like baby marsupials, or are rarely if ever at the pain threshold to trigger a regeneration.

(An amusing image is a Time Lord who regenerates at a surprisingly low pain threshhold, like stubbing one’s toe, stepping on a Lego, bee sting, hang nails, etc…)


Or they are so technologically advanced babies only happen at will and via some techno-magical process. Humans attach all these values to pushing a 10 pound ham through a 5 pound sack that may not apply if an alternative is available.

edit: Also, the Tardis noticed I was pregnant last week so it translocated the baby and put it in a pocket dimension for raising and education, here he is! (Out walks 20 year old half breed time lord.)


Apparently Winnie the Pooh is banned in China. It seems that Winnie is a bit subversive. People have been comparing the Chinese leader to Winnie and the powers-that-be are less than amused.

There are a couple more photos on that site that I find funny, but I guess the humourless Chinese leadership don’t.
When you get censorship and human rights abuses then people will fight back by whatever means they can.


That’s simple. Anything they didn’t see, never happened.


This makes me sad. Now you have to be sad too.

The “examples” of bad parenting are pretty damn mild compared to my own mistakes. Are they coming for my kids too?


That article made me sad. :crying_cat_face:

There are families that abuse their children and get to keep them, but these parents don’t?


Man robs bank, then gets naked and throws money in bid to start comedy career

Okay, I have to admit I laughed when I read the article. However, I’m not sure that was what the idiot had in mind. It was more of a “this is so stupid I have to either laugh or cry and laughing is better” than actually comedic.


It’s so funny what news stories other countries pick up. On a slow news day you can always count on Florida Man.


An article responding to stories about Al Gore’s energy use and whether that makes him a hypocrite.

But the hypocrisy charge simply doesn’t hold up to scrutiny. An anti-abortion advocate who believes abortion is immoral and should be illegal, but gets one herself, is a hypocrite. But climate change advocates who don’t live a carbon-neutral lifestyle aren’t hypocrites because, for the most part, they’re not asking you to live a carbon-neutral lifestyle. They’re asking governments, utilities, energy companies, and large corporations to increase their use of renewable energy so that you can continue to live your life as you please, without contributing to global warming.

It’s OK, because they aren’t asking you to do it, they are asking other people to do it to you, while they continue unaffected.

But the most unfortunate aspect of this argument is how it misleads vulnerable populations. Rich people like Gore and DiCaprio and Obama won’t be affected by climate change. If rising seas threaten their vacation properties, they can just move. And they will always be able to afford air conditioning, no matter how high electricity rates climb.

Rich people also aren’t affected by energy costs going up and jobs going away because of draconian environmental regulations. There is a large fraction of people in this company who want everyone living in big cities and want miles and miles of unspoiled countryside that only they will see. The number of comments and articles I’ve read over the years about how awesome nature is and it should be preserved for others, except the people who live there.


The Left’s tendency to smear anyone who disagrees with them as a Nazi is spiraling to the point of paranoid insanity. “Believe me, the arguments about how Nazis don’t have free speech rights and how it’s okay to punch them sound much more ominous if anyone has ever called you a Nazi just because he doesn’t like your stand on single-payer health care.”

I’ve been called a Nazi for my stance on healthcare, the military, welfare, and even land use.

It’s easy to see the slippery slope on this from downhill.


You reminded me about a link my buddy sent the other day comparing/equating the boy who cried wolf to the left who cries nazi


One of the things that pisses me off about this is that there are neo-nazis around, and calling “everyone else” by that name trivialises it and desensitises people to the real issues. Neo-nazis are an incredibly small minority and tarring everybody on the right with that brush does everyone a disservice.
Similar things happened (and are still happening) around other issues like rape and child porn.

As for Nazis not having free speech rights, that’s a very dangerous road.
I don’t like what the neo-nazis are doing, so they don’t have free speech rights.
Rapists are appalling people so they don’t have free speech rights.
Israel is oppressing Palestinians, so Jews don’t have free speech rights.
Who defines what is acceptable? Where does it stop?

There’s a really good quote from Evelyn Beatrice Hall:
I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it


And there are now mobs of people roaming around carrying bats and bags of urine disagreeing with it. What happens if a group of true peaceniks is being resisted by a group of armed Antifa and they beat them half to death? It’s happened on an individual level several times, but there are plenty of “right wing” groups out there that will go out and take a beating as a group. The media has dismissed the prior injuries and such as outliers. Even though in a couple events it was other progressives taking the hit. But if an unarmed group takes a beating as a group without resistance how do you spin Antifa as anything but what it is?

Or, the other side of that coin. Here’s the thing, in a lot of America if you are standing in a legal place, either by permit or simple fact that it’s a public place, and someone runs at you with a bat screaming you can shoot them, period. So far any gun carriers have been smart about this, but if I’m in line to see Ben Shapiro talk, and I’m carrying a firearm and someone attacks me with a bat… they’ll get shot, and the next couple, and then who knows what happens.

As far as beating Nazis, I’m for it, but not as a matter of public policy.


I know we aren’t supposed to do a lincoln run, but I really have no words to add to this story. It’s the funniest thing I’ve read for a long time, and I’m not sure anybody could make it up.


That was great. Thanks for sharing that.


PETA are at it again. This time they want to ban wool. Yep, the stuff on sheep that grows continuously and causes major health problems if it isn’t shorn off.

I eat meat.
I have leather goods.
I have wool goods.

Deal with it.


Ugh, preying on the weak minded again. Bastards. Don’t get me started.


Yes, because if they can’t sell the wool eventually they’ll slaughter them and that’s so much better.


Well, PETA have history with that - you just need to look what they’ve done with stray pets.


Oh, but @MikeP all those animals were just too far gone to help.

God forbid they spend the money on actually taking care of animals and providing real education on safer animal methods. Let’s spend it on mood lighting and faking photo shoots.