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Scott Adams weighed in on this and noted it put Trump supporters in the position of being hypocrites by complaining about political correctness. But as GITM noted, there’s a middle ground where you can go, “yeah, you know, that’s not really a good idea” without going to the typical extreme of “this might offend someone so we have to avoid it at all costs or call it something else to avoid that possible offense”.


The poster child being held up to me is Nugent and his threats against Obama.

My issue is everyone knows Nugent is an unhinged nutjob. Kathy is still pretending to be normal here. I expect some Antifa dude to do this crap, just like I expect some right winger to do it to Obama. Hell, Presidents have been burned in effigy for centuries, but by random mooks and political hacks, not someone who’s trying to be taken seriously.

This is like the guy who brings the funnel and 6 feet of tubing and wears a toga to a formal wine tasting. You get there all excited and realize you are totally out of place. It’s shocking to get your bubble broken, I think she really thought everyone but the alt right would love it.

Context also matters here. If she had shown up at the woman’s march with a head with her and held it up on stage, people would have been offended, but not as much.

But, she can say what she wants, and she can reap what she sows.


Dudebros vs. SJWs…

What happens when sarcastic white dudes try to “protest” when the safety patrol is in the house.

The rainbow coalition threatening and attacking these dudes really think that they are justified in doing so. Because hate speech is bad, and it’s ok to punch a Nazi. And a Nazi is anyone I don’t agree with.


Oh my.

Well, that’s too short.

I’m glad I’m not in that situation. I might have to react. It would not end well.


Biologically male, no hormones, no surgery, made transition from male to female after middle school, wins all her races. Parents state participation is the goal and everyone should be happy, even though their male daughter would have placed last in the boys competition and won 2 state championships as a girl.

This just doesn’t make sense to me. Who’s to say she won’t change her mind next year or the one after and be male again, does that change who won the year before? Regardless of how she feels, that’a s young man out there running around with young women.


Some animals are more equal than others.


Holy Crap, someone being reasonable and using their head to treat everyone equally yet also take into account a group’s religious observances.


Trans women without hormone treatments, or from the pictures even bothering to shave, complain that men won’t sleep with them. Because it’s my fault.


This is an interesting article.

I think he missed a couple things on this as well though. Groups that face danger together, Police, Firemen, Military, and not to the same degree Sports Teams, do this stuff too. The first picture example they give is a Navy tradition, but he doesn’t separate Frat traditions from these.

I believe that hazing for people that do dangerous things together falls into the automatic accrual theory. Well, we know, she’ll carry two people’s worth of fire gear up the tower while it’s on fire then pee out the back window, he’ll clean the shower with a toothbrush while we CS gas him, or he’ll run around the lock up naked, they’ll stand by us in combat until he proves otherwise.

I think not having hazing creates two classes of members of a club like that. The trustables, and the new kids.

Hazing should be fought, mostly because if it isn’t you end up with more and more drastic hazing rituals that will eventually kill someone. But I don’t think it should be eliminated, especially since most of the time that just drives it underground.


This is pretty sad. CNN threatens reddit user with doxxing in order to shut him up. I’ve read a couple places that he’s 15, though who knows if that’s accurate. I would be more OK with them just flat out doxxing him now instead of threatening it if he doesn’t behave.

CNN is not publishing “HanA**holeSolo’s” name because he is a private citizen who has issued an extensive statement of apology, showed his remorse by saying he has taken down all his offending posts, and because he said he is not going to repeat this ugly behavior on social media again. In addition, he said his statement could serve as an example to others not to do the same.

CNN reserves the right to publish his identity should any of that change


I’m not okay with any of what CNN did.
The video was a pretty childish attempt at humour that didn’t really affect CNN in any major way - certainly not enough to justify this bullying and blackmail. To find it offensive you would have to have skin so thin you’d be constantly bleeding.

The video said a lot more about the maker and the people who shared (okay, Trump) it than it did about CNN. CNN’s subsequent actions, however, speak volumes about them.


Now it’s turning out that the GIF they “tracked down” wasn’t the one that was tweeted. So a multi billion dollar company is basically going after some random dude on reddit because he made something they didn’t like.

The guy who did this is the same one who made that woman world famous for her tweet on the way to South Africa. So it’s not like he doesn’t know the consequences.


Montgomery Wards, Service Merchandise… two stores who had an almost internet shopping experience before there was an internet. Both dead due to lack of flexibility. If either of those giants had jumped at the right point, there would be no Amazon. Or there could be multiple online retailers juggernauting (New word, you can use it) around.

Now, while other retailers are struggling, but still hanging on through branding, loyalty, and attempting to appeal harder to their demographics, I’m sitting here with a $75 gift card for Sears thinking I need to use it yesterday. I was in our local Sears a few months ago and it was totally depressing, it was like a thrift store strung out over a anchor store’s space.

OTOH, the smaller Sears appliance and hardware stores appear to be doing pretty well.


Sears managed to offend a lot of it’s core markets. I remember that Craftsman tools used to be known as high quality and excellent support (you’d hear of people bringing in a 20 year old screwdriver that broke and getting it replaced, no questions asked) but they’ve gone down hill.

I used to prefer Sears for my rare clothes shopping trips, but Target has been more convenient for years. Location is one thing, but also just that the shopping experience usually seems more straightforward. Find stuff to buy, pay at registers located near entrance/exit.


Dr. Who is a woman now…

Does it matter?

On one hand, it’s been a male character for 50 years, it’s also been male for 12 out of 13 incarnations over thousands of years of backstory. Lately it’s also been a male character struggling with morality and power issues being guided by strong female partners.

OTOH, there isn’t anything to say Dr. Who can’t be a woman.

On the gripping hand, it will actually reduce the number of female roles available in the show. Being a Who companion is like being a Bond Girl with brains, and some of my favorite characters in that show were companions. And, the cry of all men everywhere, why do you have to take my toys instead of getting your own? This isn’t like making Starbuck male, a cocky pilot is a cocky pilot, it took an adjustment for me, but it was the same character.

However, I’m not sure why people are freaking out so much. It’s a decision that will pan out one way or the other. If she turns out amazing and the writers step up, then it’s an awesome decision. If the writers write shit, and she can’t act… then it will suck.

I think it’s worth talking about, just like every selection of who is the next Doctor, but some of the stuff I’m reading, on both sides of the argument are near apocalyptic. And I’m willing to bet an awful lot of the people yapping about it don’t watch the show anyway.


Why will it reduce the number of female roles available on the show?


Generally the Doctor is male, and his companions have been female. Often more than one of the people he’s hanging out with are female. I don’t see them having a female doctor hanging out with a bunch of women, so I’d expect more male extras, changing the general cast from more female, to more male.


I think they’ve been trying to cut down on the ‘romantic tension between Doctor and Companions’ angle for a while anyway. I tend to think this is a non-issue, personally. Then again, I’m so far behind I’ve seen maybe 1 Capaldi episode.


This shouldn’t have surprised anyone. It’s built into the show. Regeneration equals a new body, a different personality and sometimes the memories take a while to lock back in. The process was described as “iffy” in an episode a while back. So why couldn’t the process that rewrites the biological makeup of a person occasionally also rewrite the gender at the same time?

I wonder how many people who are objecting to the Doctor regenerating into a woman didn’t object to the Master regenerating into a woman. Is it a case that they think it’s okay for the gender change to happen to any character except the Doctor? Did they miss that the Master expressed a little more than just a casual interest in his future self when he met Missy and she stopped that cold?

Regeneration was written into the show to account for differences that would occur as new actors took on the role. We just happen to have an actress this time. Based on what’s in the show, it theoretically could have happened at any time in the past.

For those who are raising a ruckus about this, they definitely wouldn’t be able to handle the idea of Idris Elba playing James Bond. Bond had a Swiss mother and a Scottish father. It’s assumed that means white on both sides, but doesn’t account for black Scots throughout that country’s history, as pointed out by the daughter of Bond film producer Harry Saltzman.

Two thoughts I just had about this is that I really hope we’ll start seeing the actors/actresses stick with the role longer than three years. The BBC is now doing more episodes per year, but still seems a bit short to call it quits.

Also, there actually is one problem that a gender-change regeneration can cause. The process starts as the result of trauma. What happens if a Time Lady is pregnant at the time she’s injured and regeneration begins. What does that do to the baby, especially if the regeration involves a gender change over to being male?


I think what I’m over already is the people talking about how finally there is a female lead in a sci-fi TV show…

Like Buffy/Charmed/Voyager/Xena, and the rest didn’t exist. It’s the same crap I hear in Science Fiction writing circles. It’s time for women to represent… as if the writers of the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s, the real trail breakers didn’t even exist.

No perspective.