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Part of me is totally ok with that, in kind of a cull the gene pool / thin the herd way.


I’m really not. Because either way it goes we’ll end up with storm troopers shutting down public gatherings. People in the masses will scream that someone must do something and we’ll get public “free speech areas” with cameras and observation to see who to keep an eye on.

As long as it’s free American citizens just beating on each other I’m OK with it. I’m even sort of OK with the police watching it. At this point they are like outnumbered bouncers in a bad bar fight, best to sit it out and jump on the really bad parts. Now that people know that they can defend themselves with similar levels of violence maybe it will just stay at the soccer hooligan level.

But as soon as someone brings a gun and takes down the front row of a protest, or counter protest, or counter counter protest, or whatever, then the state will clamp down like the gestapo everyone is accusing everyone else of being. Think of the children the usual suspects will cry.

I don’t think there is a good answer here, and I’m a bit concerned about where all this is going. The people starting these protests don’t even have demands or anything they want anyone else to do except shut up and go away and die.


It is a small part, the one that finds schadenfreude entertaining and wants to go postal on stupid people. The part that can imagine the police standing by, setting up betting pools, and just havening ambulances on site. That part doesn’t get to be in control, but it likes to contemplate what if scenarios without having to deal with the fallout. The part that reacts to “think of the children” with “They should have thought of the situation they were bringing children into before breeding.” In reality, the children are already present and have to be dealt with, but that small part of me is sad that the mindless breeders* aren’t held accountable in some way.

*or the ones who do it on purpose so they can get more of other people’s money from teh government.

EDIT: On the other hand, you have the Wil Wheaton types out there, who think the government is just waiting for an excuse to unleash the storm troopers, Emperor Palpatine style. (NOT saying @Woodman is among those, I’m fairly certain he is not) As usual, the truth generally lies somewhere in the middle. So, yes, protesters shouldn’t be permitted to mow down the other side. But, in reality, we have gang members picking each other off one by one and Joe Public turns a blind eye, and that isn’t any better.


I was going to post this in the RIP thread but decided to not poop on that thread.

Bill Nye’s credibility, cause of death, Netflix show.

The “Science Guy” apparently a job title a engineer turned comedian and kids show host can tout as his scientific bono fides has really gone over the top on the Intersexuality Dance thing and the “Penalize People in the modern world for having “Extra” Kids” episode.

Nye and Tyson have both been more than happy to expound on their expertise on subjects they have no expertise on the last few years. There is a meme out there showing Nye holding a gender is assigned by chromosomes sign, I’m thinking he’d like that back now. Both of them have followed the money here. No one is willing to pay these dudes money to advocate for binary gender, or anti global warming.


I’m confused. What broke what now?

I remember seeing an article either last night or this morning praising Nye for the episode about the gender spectrum, but I haven’t seen the episode nor did I read too much of the article.


Oh, and I did find:


Also on Snopes:


Good catch. Though apparently it’s all over the place now. Teach me to react to same day news. OR same day to me at least.

I do find the Sex Junk video, and the ice cream thing horribly inappropriate. Kind of like if Captain Kangaroo had put out a video showing how to put a condom on with Mr. Rabbit. The subject itself may not be all that bad, but the presenter, and the tone, and the method all just jar.

I think it’s also interesting in the ice cream video it wasn’t good enough to just have vanilla leave everyone else alone, they had to join in on a Neapolitan. I agree that sexuality is on a sliding scale, haven’t doubted it in my memory. Variable gender I think is another issue. And part of it is it’s a scientific term that people are abusing. If you are a man who feels like a woman, dresses like a woman, and acts like a woman, I have no reason to ever know differently, nor do I care. If you are a man who looks like a man, acts like a man, and expects me to call you zir and respect your gorilla otherkin, I’m not going to interact with you on a personal basis because something isn’t working right.

Doctors are having issues working on people who say they are one gender, but are the other. Listen, in your private life, and with your friends, you can be what you want. But your doctor/insurer/physical trainer is going to need to know what the internal equipment is sometimes.

Episode 13 and his comments about penalizing people in the modern world who have kids also kind of comes out in his “Hey Kids!” voice. He really seems to have gone over the top in this series, and I’m glad my daughter and I didn’t just start watching these before this stuff came out. An awful lot of it seems creepy and misplaced.


…That’s kind of the point. While there ARE people who are just doing it for attention or the like, there ARE people whose brains are wired to where they, mentally, are not the same gender as the body they’re in. That is scientifically recognized.


By some people. There are a not insignificant number of professionals who thing it should be treated like any other body dismorphia. Is the dude who thinks he is a fish in need of help, or people telling him that yes he is a fish?

I don’t know what reports are true and which false on this issue, it settled into political lines well before anyone seriously studied it. Depending on who you ask you get a different answer. The studies I’ve seen that show people who get surgery to change genders are just as unhappy in the new body are disturbing. Is that because gender reassignment surgery isn’t that good, or because these people have underlying issues?

It does seem that it’s damn near impossible to argue or examine the issue, especially with people chanting the same refrain and attacking people who don’t agree.


Usually a combination of both, from what I’ve seen.

First, it’s usually tough enough to get a psych that isn’t dead-set on diagnosing you as mentally ill instead of dysmorphic/transgender. Then there’s the hormone therapy, which plays its own version of merry hell while it’s doing its work. Then, if one elects to go through with surgery, you’re doing a half-assed replacement because it’s the best we’ve got right now.

Spoilered for some NSFW:

I mean, for MtF, they’ve now signed up for the rest of their life dilating their new orifice to keep the body from closing it as it would a wound. At first, it’s several times a day (I think the last person I read about who counted it, their doctor started them at 4 times a day for 20-30 minutes each), but while that tapers off as it heals it’s still something they’ll have to do for the rest of their life.

Then, you’ve got the added mental stress that comes from any of the possible following sources:

  • Unaccepting family/friends
  • Unaccepting society
  • Stress about “passing properly”
  • Other potential mental illnesses (as rates of depression and other issues are seen to be higher among transgender individuals)

Plus whatever else I can’t come up with off the top of my head right now.

…Those are one of the reasons why, apart from a couple places online, I don’t bother doing anything about it myself. I didn’t really realize it about myself until relatively recently in my life (and I’m still not entirely sure if I’m fully trans rather than just genderfluid), but I’m doing with that what I do with all my other probable issues and just burying it so I don’t cause issues for the people around me.


I know a couple women who likely weren’t born that way at my office. And it’s really none of my business.

That doesn’t seem good or healthy either. If I had a close friend who felt that way I’d want to accommodate them with whatever makes them feel better.

Oh man this would totally suck. People have enough issues with this sort of thing when they are cis. So even if you manage to get family and friends on board, the freaking mirror is an issue. Crossdressers have it easy there, they just want to look fabulous, not change their visual gender.

I’m not one of those people that freaks out about bathrooms, locker rooms maybe, but not bathrooms, or changing rooms or whatever. Go where you look like and where you are comfortable.

And I hadn’t looked into it enough to realize the NSFW thing was a thing, and yeah, I think for me I’d have to say that’s a big drawback.


Oh, it certainly isn’t. Especially when you pile it on top of the following (admitted undiagnosed, but there’s more than enough evidence) conditions:

  • Depression
  • Paranoia (In the “I can’t eat at a restaurant without another adult there to help me watch the exits for threats constantly” variety, along with the more standard crowds, unfamiliar places/people, flying, etc. anxieties)
  • Trust issues (one reason everything’s undiagnosed, I don’t trust doctors :D)
  • Potential minor sociopathy/psychopathy

It’s just far better for everyone around me (including my daughter) if I don’t do anything about it than if I do.


I’m not sure where I saw a recent report of anti-vac stupidity, but this is a nice follow up (not nice as in ‘good’, but more ‘on-point’)


I saw that. I’ve given up on the person who keeps posting her anti-vax, conspiracy, super right biased, non-fact checked stuff. I just blocked her news feed. :shrug:


90 out of 400 kids aren’t vaccinated.

I get being concerned about the number of vaccinations they are doing simultaneously, but opposing the thought of a vaccine in general is just insanity.


This is a pretty intense article. I’ve often wondered how I’d react to a kid with Down’s Syndrome or some form of autism or a physical handicap… This would be unimaginable.

“They may not go from the Joker in The Dark Knight to Mister Rogers,” Caldwell tells me, laughing. But they can develop a cognitive moral conscience, an intellectual awareness that life will be more rewarding if they play by the rules. “We’re just happy if they stay on this side of the law,” Van Rybroek says. “In our world, that’s huge.”


That was a fascinating read.


So now Kathy Griffin is having a press conference with her lawyer in tow to discuss the bullying from the Trump family.

You know, after she posted a video of her holding up the patriarch’s severed head.


Time she learned the down side of free speech. You cross the line, you take your lumps. I may think Trump is a horrible President, but I still thought that was inappropriate. (Mind you, I can think of a way to have reached the same ‘punchline’, but it would have required a lot better set up and been an obvious parody.)