Cultural Notes


The English language needs a neutral better than IT, but any forced substitution will work as well as Esperanto.


Okay, a couple of things hit me this morning. (I’m not going to talk about Donald Trump as that is a loaded gun).

American football coach fired over 'racist watermelon ritual’
This is one where I am completely missing the point.
A college football team used to celebrate after every win by gathering around a watermelon and smashing it. Apparently this was deemed to be racist and the coach has been fired.
This has me completely bewildered and wondering what I have missed. If anyone can explain how this is racist I would very much appreciate it.

The second one is one of those click-bait headlines that I’m not going to post a link to.

Um … 36? Why shouldn’t she look great at 36? I think I’m missing something there too (not really, I just think it’s an appalling message).


Hadn’t heard of her, so I googled… great body, but there’s something weird about her lips

But I agree with you - nothing wrong with 36.

The football thing is stupid. It would be interesting to find out if anyone knows the history of how the tradition started. The ‘watermelon eating monkey’ stereotype (actually, more of a racial slur than a stereotype - I mean really, who doesn’t like a slice of watermelon on a hot summer day?) is not as prevalent as it used to be, but that doesn’t seem likely to be a related issue, seeing as how most football teams are predominantly black guys.


Watch it… that’s close to racism these days.

I saw a comedian that was talking about fried chicken and watermelon, with grape soda. And he was like, I like watermelon and chicken, who doesn’t? Why does 15% of the population get to own a food staple.

And then he says, grape Faygo, yeah, that’s racist.


Apparently he’s volunteered for reeducation so it’s OK.


Yeah, what isn’t? Everyone’s so tetchy.


Wait, that’s rhyming slang with fetchy, which is a Korean word for fruit, which people in Singapore use to describe people of different color on odd numbered Tuesdays.


Okay, since my original post on this topic I’ve done a bit of research on how it could be considered to be racist. Apparently there is a big history of watermelons associated with slave independence that I’d never been aware of (not a completely unheard of event).
My guess is that the celebration is a very old one, the origins of which have been lost in the mist of time. It may have been a racist display at one time, it may or may not be a racist display now, but it’s pretty obscure so I’d be prepared to give the coach the benefit of the doubt.


Sorry, I should have explained a bit for the out of towners.

It’s somehow become a stereotypical meal for black people to eat fried chicken and watermelon. Now, maybe when it was used as a racial cue (edited dumbness out)white people didn’t eat it, but now they do, so it’s kind of a racial queue, but not.

The dude could be well aware of the connotations, but watermelons are cheap and it’s pretty damn harmless. The problem is anything else they could do could be just as bad.

There are certain people who only seem to exist to point out that anything anyone does is hurtful. And if you look at sports, which are the closest we get to gladitorial games now, there are all kinds of war images, which opens up a whole new tub of potential actions to find hurtful.

There was a Redskins player fined for pretending to draw and shoot a bow after a play… “violent” imagery isn’t allowed on the football field. I swear the more non-violent they try to make the game the more violent the players actually act.


Cleveland Indians.
That’s all I’m saying.


Is that better or worse than:
New England Patriots
Or Forty Niners?


You bring up a good point - I’m generally annoyed by the jackholes that want to deny that history happened, but the warrior aspect of the actual history of sports is different aspect. If you look at it from a historical angle, Cleveland Indians, Washington Redskins, and even the Patriots are all homages to notable warrior groups from history. I don’t see anyone pissing their pants because of teams named the Spartans, Vikings, or Celtics.

Also, kinda reminds me that in high school, much mirth was had at the expense of the rival Bearkats…
"Ohhh, y’all are so cute and fuzzy. Too bad we’re going to mop up the field with you!"
Not that you’d really want to mess with one if you happened across one in the wild, but not as much of a traditional predator as a Panther. :wink:
They do have claws & teeth, though!

Forty Niners always seemed like a stupid name to me. Like, scavengers or something. But again, there is a historical tie-in.


Actually, the Cleveland Indians are named in honor of an actual Native American player for the early iteration of the team. Chief Wahoo is a different story, and has often been debated as an appropriate logo. But the name Indians is a tribute. [URL=]History[/URL]

This is somewhat similar to the Florida State Seminoles and their use of the name being approved by Seminole Nation, with certain guidelines which must be adhered to. Not every mascot that is a non-white person is meant to be an insult…


If any NFL team should be allowed to do this it’s the freaking Redskins. Native Americans often hunted and fought with bows and arrows. You could also make a case for the Kansas City Chiefs with this.

Also, football is a violent game, but you can’t have “violent imagery” on the field? Better stop the Patriots and Buccaneers from firing off cannons every time they score a touchdown then.


Oh, and the funny part about Fried Chicken is that until the later half of the century chicken was expensive meat. So it’s not that old of a thing.


I don’t understand this, didn’t we spend ages getting rid of separate but equal? Do they think this stuff is free and universities can just duplicate everything that want them to?


I have no desire to be in PRC, but if, in an alternate reality, I was going to school there, and on my way to, say, a softball game, and that was on my route… well, it wouldn’t be pretty.


And the sad thing is that this probably represents a minority of these groups, which are making the rest look bad by association. There are no safe spaces in the real world. Best they learn that now.


That’s what conservatives have been saying for ages, doesn’t work out well.

These are the people that are going to exclusive.universities, the cream of the progressive crop. It’s not like this is happening at community colleges or small state universities. They act and feel this way because they are the most outspoken examples of what these places are teaching them, these universities, and programs, run almost exclusively by liberals.

It’s funny, because most of them were strongholds of conservative thought up through the 60’s and 70’s, rigid conservatives were beaten out and replaced by more flexible and forward thinking liberals, who became rigid progressives in their own time. I would not be awfully surprised if my grandkids go to universities consistently criticized for their in depth conservatism. And I think my youngest might even be able to admit she’s conservative, if she is, in public when she goes to school.


All the brouhaha about female sex bots is just funny.

The women getting their panties in a bunch about men being so unable to deal with modern women that they go to robots need to look to their “little friends” in their nightstands that modern feminist women have been parading around for decades as their loud and proud man replacement.

They are about to be dealing with a faction of men that actually don’t need women, but aren’t their gay best friend. MGTOW is an interesting movement filled with some seriously wrong people, but I have no doubt that it will gain members who don’t even know they are members.

Soon after will come the male contraceptive, in theory putting the sexes back into parity on sex. Either partner can decide to not have children, either partner can easily find satisfaction somewhere else, either partner can go party it up all the time.


From the sublime: teddy bear sent into space. Great story about a school who attached a teddy bear to a weather balloon with a camera. Very cool photo of the teddy in space.

To the ridiculous: Idiot jailed for ramming a car into a river.
A completely unprovoked attack from a man who was expelled from school at 14 for violent behaviour and has been in and out of jail ever since - for violent behaviour.
The best bit? His lawyer claiming that the victims have no reason to fear him:

“They appear to have ongoing fear of him. There is no basis at all for that,” he said.

Yeah, I call BS on that one. I think I’d be keeping as far away from him as possible too.