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It sounds like neither couple was kids/teenagers, so yeah, grow up and go do that in private.


Yeah, twenty something pretty people.


Especially if they spend their time groping each other and not actually paying attention to the concert :rolling_eyes:


Vladimir Putin warns a Rio Olympics ban is a ‘dangerous’ return to 1980 politics

Umm… no. The state getting involved in systematic sport cheating is a dangerous return to 1980 politics. Banning the country doing the systematic cheating is pretty much the only response possible under the circumstances.

Yes, the form of interference has changed but the goal is the same: to make sport an instrument to apply geopolitical pressure

When he said “apply geopolitical pressure” I think he meant to say “try to stop us cheating”. The rest of the comment is still rubbish, but that’s pretty much what I’ve come to expect from him.


Hah, just watched a video where a man is talking to a woman and he that we invented the best system to live in here in the US and white people should be proud of it.

She interrupted him and said that it wasn’t the best and that white people are the problem. He asked her who has the best system and she said many countries in Europe are better, and he jumped on that like he set her up for it “You mean the countries that have even more white people than America?” And she was speechless, she tried to say no, but he was saying, well you don’t mean Turkey, or eastern Europe, you mean northern Europe, which is 90+% white.

Somehow white people in America are more guilty than European white people. When many people say white people, they don’t even count Europeans, or Canadians, or Australians, just like when they say black they don’t mean Australian, or Middle Eastern, or even African. Out of all the billions and even trillions of people over history, they are obsessed with the actions of a few million people over a period of a couple hundred years. And that’s why we should all feel bad.


Yeah, I’m bleating on a bit, but the decision not to outright ban Russia from the games is a complete cop-out. The IOC have complete power over who gets invited and who doesn’t. To devolve that power to individual associations is just cowardly.
The “argument” was put forward that it would be unfair to the clean Russian athletes (is there such a thing?). Where was the same argument when South Africa was expelled from the games?
Admittedly, it would be extremely hard to prove that you don’t support apartheid, but proving you are clean when your government is actively cheating the testing regime should also be extremely difficult.


I’ve noticed they do this with everything though. The gender issue was pushed down to the national level, drugs, anything they can pin on someone else they do. It doesn’t help that the IOC is one of the most corrupt organizations ever, and that any non-major power that tries to do an Olympics collapses under it’s weight.

The olympics are in a weird place right now. It’s gone from nationalism on steroids to this sort of mushy corporate blah. The news has been pushing how horrible someone’s childhood was more than how amazing it is that this person can run so fast for ages.


Finally a victory for common sense in the American legal system?

Federal judge dismisses lawsuit against Cinemark in Aurora theater shooting case

Apparently the shooter’s actions were the reason people were killed or injured. Well, Hallelujah! A judge with common sense at last.
Maybe the cinema didn’t make it harder for the shooter, but then neither did the New Zealand government - it doesn’t mean they were at fault.
I know it’s a normal human reaction to want to blame someone, but please try and blame the right person rather than the one with the deepest pockets.

As for the cinema wanting their costs reimbursed, good on them! The lawsuit was always frivolous and maybe this will discourage others from filing similar nonsense suits.


After some common sense in the American legal system, someone in Australia is getting in on the act of suing someone else for her own stupidity.

Woman sues Australia’s Movie World theme park after falling off flower bed

the 26-year-old climbed onto the concrete ledge around a flower bed to get a better view of the popular All Star Parade

Geragotelis’ lawyers claim Village Roadshow Theme Parks was negligent in its duty of care by failing to warn Geragotelis not to climb onto the flower bed
They say Geragotelis did not contravene any direction given by Village Roadshow Theme Parks, nor any signage or instruction not to climb onto the flower bed and a number of other patrons were doing the same thing.


You didn’t tell me not to be stupid.
Other people were also being stupid, so that means it’s your fault that I ended up hurting myself by doing something stupid.

I bet there aren’t any signs that tell you not to jump off bridges either, so therefore it’s someone else’s fault if I jump off a bridge and hurt myself. Common sense is not very common.
I just hope it gets thrown out of court as early as possible.


One year later…

Australia’s Warner Bros. Movie World theme park reopened to no fanfare yesterday after being closed several months to install warning signs on all potential hazards. The fanfare was omitted because company lawyers advised that the trumpets might hurt someone’s ears, according to one anonymous source.

Visitors to the park were shocked by what they saw, despite the sign at the gate that informed them that looking at things might be bad for their eyesight. According to one park attendee that had just left, “the park’s nothin’ but warning signs now”.

A tour through the park confirmed that this indeed is the case. At one raised flower bed, at least 100 signs surround it with statements like “Do not climb onto flower bed”, “Do not rollerskate or rollerblade on top of flower bed”, “Do not bash your head against the flower bed wall to test its strength”, “Do not engage in a staring contest with the flower bed”, “Do not play hopscotch or jump rope on the flower bed”, “Do not ride a pogo stick or bicycle on the flower bed” and “Do not remove these warning signs so you can gain access to the flower bed”. Some had to be amended to include all other types of vehicles people should not ride on the flower bed, as well as what games were not allowed to be played on it.

A spokesperson for the park stated, “We had hoped that the court would agree that it is not up to a business to list all possible actions that are prohibted, especially when many of them should be obvious. However, they ruled that relying on people having common sense would be a liability and would lead the way to other lawsuits regarding assumptions made about our customers.”

Park attendance has been down 90% since the reopening just a week ago. The same spokesperson said, “The decrease in ticket sales is just temporary. Once people see the value in going to a theme park that is completely safe from all potential harm, they will show their appreciation that we’re looking out for them by coming back.”

Nearby, the Batwing Spaceshot ride climbs the tower at a sedate ten feet a minute. Noticing where this reporter was looking, the spokesperson said, “We have determined that this is the appropriate speed the ride needs to operate at to provide optimum protection against any stress that might be caused by the ride moving at a faster rate.” Upon being informed that the climb to the top and returning to the bottom would appear to take the better part of an hour, he responded, “True, but our customer’s safety against all potential hazards is of the utmost concern to us. I am confident we are doing everything we can.” When asked about possible dehydration issues on hot days such as today, the spokesperson suddenly said, “Let me get back to you on that” and quickly left.

However, not all changes were negatively received. One attendee who identified himself as Frank said, “This place is great! The consistency and uniformity on the signs is just amazing. The choice of Helvetica for the typeface was inspired. This is such a peaceful place to visit and study the signage. It used to be noisy and crowded before.”


Well, Disney’s handling of the Alligator incident has been interesting. As a brief summary:

  • There was a horrible incident in which parents had a child standing in water after dark. Chile attacked and killed by alligator.
  • Responsibility dodge-ball ensued, and I really don’t know who was wrong here.No swimming signs were posted, but they weren’t swimming. Florida natives note that if there’s water, there’s alligators. it wasn’t a formal ‘attraction’ but just kind of wandering off the path. The signs could be in reference to the water quality or the risk of swimmers intersecting with boats (both valid concerns).
  • While working out some sort of deal with the parents, Disney first closed the ‘beach’ areas.
  • Disney posts additional, and more specific signs.
  • The areas get fenced in. This being Disney, it’s an aesthetically appropriate-ish fence, as they’re saving the quick chain-link for PrisonLand opening next year in Disney’s California America.
  • Beach areas replaced by big rocks. Not sure which the rocks discourage: alligators or people. Maybe both. Maybe they should just lined beaches with Lego bricks to discourage barefoot walkers.

It’s just amazing how they’ve actually evolved their response so quickly. It was a non-issue for years, but now it’s gone through multiple iterations in a short time. In this case Disney has a history of having a lot of sway with local courts but are trying to be reactive, albeit in a way that doesn’t mess up their views,

(Me & $Wife are taking a late Anniversary trip to Disney World in November and will be going to dinner at the Grand Floridian where this incident happened, so we’ve been following the story. Oh, and the original incident occurred in close proximity to the (to me) worse tragedy of the night club shooting,)


There used to be signs about the gators years ago, and they were removed because it was like saying water was wet because Florida, the endangered status of gators, and they were aesthetically displeasing.

I’d bet there were plans sitting somewhere for all this already, waiting to come around on some meeting somewhere, maybe to get on the 2018 budget. And if they weren’t if anyone can afford to hire the people to make the smart decisions fast, it’s Disney.


More shootings hitting the press again.

I am stuck on this.

  1. There is a law, backed by lethal force.
  2. Police are the enforcers of this law.
  3. While attempting to stop someone jaywalking, they walk away.
  4. ???

What is the correct action here?

(I think a lot of this rests on the legislatures that make some of these laws. Does Joe Representative realize he just killed someone when he votes for a law that doesn’t allow the resale of individual cigarettes?)

The police don’t have the right to stop me for shits and giggles, and I don’t have to talk to the police unless they have probable cause… but if I park my car in the middle of the road and start wandering around aimlessly then there are going to be issues.

And I’ve now seen two shootings lately where it looked like the person died because a cop with a finger on the trigger jerked it when the person was tasered. Aren’t they supposed to announce the deployment of a taser?


Can I just remind you that because of one woman’s lawsuit, all microwavable foodstuffs now bear the warning DANGER: PRODUCT WILL BE HOT AFTER HEATING. This is the world we live in now. Product will be hot after heating.


It’s along the lines of the toaster oven with DO NOT WEAR AS A HAT on it. You have to wonder about the backstory sometimes.


Well, really, a toaster oven as a hat? That would be a fashion crime. I mean, c’mon.


I’ve been watching SJW videos all afternoon.

It’s killing me, some of them are funny, and some of them make me angry, and some of them are just gobsmacking.

Thin privilege.
Gender pronoun education.
Safe Spaces.
Socialism and Social Justice walking hand in hand. (This one is literally insane, everyone of those people would be in the gulag. Or kept as representative pets of the ruling class.)
A bunch of white people telling other white people they can’t understand what it’s like to be black.
People being triggered by “Hello”, being looked at, PTSD in a 20 year old college student, signs for an event, ultrasound images of fetuses.
Threatening and committing violence because someone is there to start violence… but isn’t actually starting any violence.


I know a couple of transgender people and this isn’t a laughing matter to them.


I know one, that I know of, and I call her she. And she uses the women’s room because she acts like a woman.

It’s the zir, zhe, hir, zu, za, crap that is silly.The genders that generally only exist on Tumblr and college safe spaces. I don’t care if I need to call you za because you are a gender queer pan sexual ambi puppy kin. If i become your friend and it means something to you, I’ll call you that. Otherwise you get the lottery, and as an owner of a primarily female name being called the wrong gender has not hurt me since I was about 8.


Yeah I don’t get those either. I realize there are people who are gender queer, non-binary whatever but most of the ones I’ve read about are perfectly happy using the singular “they/them” pronoun.