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Sounds like what we get in the North of England… last December Cumbria managed a whole 28cm rain in six hours; the same storm brought most of the North sustained winds of 80kmh and gusts of 140kmh (these figures are slightly rounded from Imperial measures). This was a “one in one hundred year event” which naturally meant it was followed by an equally severe storm five days later. These two were the fifth and sixth “one in one hundred year” storm events in the past decade.

Global warming? Pfft. The UK just gets winter hurricanes made of sleet and misery.


I just like it when there is a 60 degree temp change in 12 hours. Keeps you on your toes. We get everything but hurricanes here. And yeah, 2.9 may not be much to you, but New Madrid is scary.

Yes, Civil War isn’t as good of a movie because it killed the Steve/Bucky fanfic.


Trigglypuff the dance remix.

Actually not that great of a song, but I highly approve of more speech as the response to bad speech. This woman had no intention of doing anything but interrupting an event, so let’s celebrate her brave action of shouting down a gay man, a 2nd wave feminist, and a French Canadian.


Why is China acting like the Queen calling their ambassador rude is some sort of big deal? This is like the person who plays Uncle Sam in a school pageant causing international uproar for calling someone fat.

Actually no, that’s not fair. The person playing Uncle Sam in the pageant has a purpose in life.


What is that? Oh My, it appears you have a vestigial monarchy.

You should get that taken care of.


I have to admit… I laughed pretty hard.


Believe me, the republican movement is strong but ignored. Just like the demands for proportional representation and the demands for a nice big wall along the River Humber to keep the meddling Tories out of the affairs of the North.

House Saxe-Coberg Gotha has no place in the modern world. Mrs Windsor should abdicate her family. Of course they won’t because despite costing the UK taxpayer billions of pounds every year, they bring in millions of pounds to the London tourism sector and oh no we can’t hurt precious London, it’s the most important place in the whole world don’t you know!

The whole lot need to go the same way Czar Nicholas met his end, cowering in the basement and hunted down by people who have reached the end of their tether with the aristocracy.

You know the Queen owns all the land in Britain, right? Like, I bought my house and I have rights to do with my land what I want but it is still legally possible for the Queen to arrive with a demolition crew and bulldoze it to make room for a new palace.

Speaking of palaces, our government recently voted to stay in Westminster despite renovation works to stop it sinking into the Thames - the quoted price for temporarily moving Parliament to a new building and renovating Westminster was £60 million. Now that they’re staying? £600 million.

Hey, remember austerity and how they’re closing down schools and hospitals and libraries and cemeteries and they’re not paving the roads or subsidising rural busses or school busses or ambulances? Let’s just spend £600 million on pissing around while Parliament fills up with sewage (true story, the basement is 3ft deep in sewage because of how far it’s already sunk) and slowly falls into the river.

Sorry, socialist rant is socialist and ranty.


Come to America where you “own” your land, until you don’t pay your property taxes, at which point they come and take all your shit and sell it, and oddly enough never have enough left from the sale to do more than cover the back taxes and the fees. I think I might appreciate your system a bit more because at least then I know it’s not really mine.

Are the ambulances NHS too? Wow.


Yeah I know the USA seems to split its ambulance service between the fire brigade, hospitals, and the county ambulance service but here they’re all NHS. Well, they were, for the last decade or so more and more St John’s Ambulance appliances are being used to pick up the shortfall of NHS cutbacks.


In some areas of Indianapolis people are calling 911 for rides downtown in an ambulance and then refusing treatment. It’s easier to scam an ambulance than a taxi driver, and it seems like there are more of them too.


And they aren’t being charged with misuse of emergency services?


That would be racist.


Is this just asking for a lawsuit, or what?


I think it’s awesome. And as long as he doesn’t sell it he should be fine .

That’s some nice work there.


President Putin furious with Russian Olympic exclusion

Mr Putin condemned the decision as “unfair,” telling a meeting of leaders of major international news agencies in St Petersburg that athletes who compete without doping “shouldn’t suffer.”

The problem though is that it has been state sponsored cheating. How can the rest of the world actually trust anyone from Russia given their history? And I’m talking history from the iron curtain days as well as recent history.
It looks to me that Russia hasn’t really changed in all that time.

I hope we will find some solution here, but it does not mean that we will get offended and stop battling doping. On the contrary, we will intensify our fight on doping

Yeah, what I think you mean is that you will continue your fight to to dope your athletes so it can’t be detected.


I expect them to start fielding fresh transvestites any minute now.


I remember the poster from the 80’s picturing a “Russian” “female” “athlete.”

Wearing Russian colors in a t-shirt and then fashionable kinda short shorts. Attractive bulges up top AND below.


Escort agency sued over $3.7m ‘date’ with model
Okay, this has to be a joke. A man is suing because he paid $3.7m to have sex with Candice Swanepoel, Megan Fox and others?
I can’t believe he seriously thought that they were escorts, or even more that they would actually have sex with him for money. The agency are obviously scammers, but how on earth did they manage to get someone so gullible as to believe them?


Texas jail inmates break out of cell to save collapsed guard after heart attack

Parker County sheriff’s Captain Mark Arnett cited the inmates’ quick response, saying 15 minutes could have passed before a staff member found the guard.

That’s pretty awesome - they are waiting to be tried in court, but still think about others’ welfare first

The group shouted for help, then left the cell when no help came - although they were worried they might get shot, Kelton said.

​"It never crossed my mind not to help, whether he’s got a gun or a badge. If he falls down, I’m gonna help him."

Then comes the kicker

Parker County sheriff’s Sergeant Ryan Speegle said the guard had a gun and keys, and the situation could have turned “extremely bad”.

Officials added that the cell had since been reinforced, to stop inmates breaking out in future.

Yeah, righto.
It’s a district court, and there’s 8 or 10 guys in the cell together so they probably aren’t going to be the worst of the worst.
They’ve just saved a guy’s life, and the prime thing the law enforcement are thinking about is preventing it from happening again.
The fact that there’s normally a guard there with a gun is a pretty big disincentive for people trying to break out. The only reason I can think of for them to try it again is if the guard is in trouble again - but hey, the guard can die, but at least the rest of us will be safe from these awful people.


At the concert the other night we were in the lawn seating. About 3/4ths of the way through the second act a couple of couples inserted themselves into the gap between us and the people in front of us, standing right at the edge of our blanket and just behind the other people’s stuff.

They then proceeded to make out and smoke pot and cigarettes and drink even more than they obviously already had. OK, it’s a concert and we’re all adults. I wasn’t all that annoyed except the could in front of me were close enough that them swaying back and forth groping each other was distracting when I was trying to watch some of the show through them. I realized that while I’m comfortable with the concept of gay men, and I know some gay men, that while I was equally annoyed at the straight couple locked together in front of me, I was uncomfortable when the two dudes took each other’s shirts off and spent the rest of the concert caressing each other.

Now, I tried to think how I would react if a straight couple did this. But there is no real comparison. I’ve never seen a dude take a chicks shirt off in public and play with her nipples, hand down the pants, sure, so I guess that was comparable. I think my problem was 90% because c’mon, leave the foreplay for the back of the venue or in the car or something, at least the part where you strip each other, and about 10% eww they’re both dudes. The straight couple was slightly more annoying because he was much taller than the two dudes so I’m not sure exactly what was going on. I’m just not that big of a fan of extreme PDA.

All I know for sure is when they moved over some it wasn’t a big deal because I didn’t have to look through soft core porn to see the band any more. And didn’t have to smell their dank ass pot. Though at least they were good looking young men, I suppose it could have been two dudes that looked like me. In which case I would have hurled.

Also, don’t stand in my damn body bag at a concert. Seriously, that 5 feet farther up you moved isn’t going to improve the concert that much. I think if all four of them had been 5-10 feet away instead of 3-4 feet away I wouldn’t have noticed or cared at all. It was that much worse when I sat down, since my wife has a bad hip she sat most of the time so I joined her off and on.

Edit: their to they’re