Cultural Notes


I just saw it. That is pure crap, and yes, she knew exactly what she was doing.

And grabbing him and not letting him leave, and then telling him not to touch her?

This is just a taste of what’s wrong with today’s so-called activism.


If you have to use more than one sentence to explain your gender I don’t really care what it is.

I mean really, I’m not a gender queer female eros male romantic other kin, so all you really have to tell me, if you really feel you need to, is that it’s complicated. I’ll nod and grunt, and we’ll move on to the next topic. If you explain it to me I’ll make the sign of the cross and ask if you are on Tumblr while backing away. You probably think you are autistic, so you’ll blame it on your genetic lack of social skills, so we’ll be OK next time we see each other.


I honestly don’t see how all these things happened to the same woman.

If my car kept getting broken into and smashed and run into wouldn’t people start wondering what the hell I was doing?

And interesting response from Wyrd.


I posted this on FB and a couple of my female gamer friends said the exact same thing.


If Feminists are for equal rights for everyone, and MRAs are for equal rights for everyone, aren’t they the same thing arguing about the name?


I don’t know what a MRA is, but I’ve heard a feminist say that they don’t want to be equal, they want to be MORE equal. That’s like a 6 year old’s version of fair - I get what I want or it isn’t fair. My buddy’s kid claimed “that’s not fair” when she was not permitted to kick her brother off the Wii - he had played for 15-20 minutes after patiently waiting like an hour plus for her to finish whatever level of game she was in the middle of.


Men’s Right’s Activist. Because Meninist or Malinist all sound stupid.

Since we’ve decided egalitarianism is stupid or ineffective and every group needs it’s own cheer leading corps and defenders, it’s appropriate that men have their own. Despite the attempt to change the definition of sexism to include the word power, words have meanings already assigned. And frankly, if you assign power to an individual based on the fact that they are a certain gender and ignore the particularities of the situation then congratulations, you are a sexist/racist/bigot.

Now, MGTOW, is a whole other rainbow of flavors. And really they can do whatever they’d like off in their little wonder land where they all hate their mothers or something. I don’t even know the appropriate progressive group to compare them too.


And Masculists would be too similar to masochist

It occurs to me that no one ever bothered to answer the question “Can’t we all just get along?”
(Sidebar: Rodney King died a while back, drowned with alcohol and multiple drugs in his system.)

I think the answer is, “No, we can not.” I don’t know why this conversation made me think about it, but there is conflict as far back as human history is recorded.

I’m tired. Long week. I’ll try to stop thinking now and just do drone work. Happy Friday, everybody!


Yeah, I have to agree, the answer is no. As we stand right now we are built to be highly competitive for limited resources. Increase resources and people would find something else that was in limited supply.


If you cheer for your Masculist agenda but only online, would that make you an…




Wait, what if I declined to join? Would I be a …



So apparently Game of Thrones is misogynistic because in a show where people are tortured, burned alive, have limbs removed, slaughtered, have their genitalia cut off, and there is a throne made out of old swords it’s a bridge too far for women to be raped.

And the people cry, “Where are the men being raped?” And I just have to say, did you miss the penis cutting off part? Can you really attempt to push a temporary injury, while horribly traumatic, as being worse than the loss of a limb, penis, or life? And would you really feel better if one of the men was raped? Would it make a difference if it was a man or a woman doing it to them? And exactly how sick is your quid pro quo listing of abuses?


Three things I want to rant about.
Firstly, apparently Snapchat is being sued because somebody crashed because they took a photo and uploaded it to Snapchat while travelling at 113mph. Normally I’d say “personal responsibility” and “get a grip” and things like that, but in this case I’m siding with the person suing.
Firstly, it is the innocent party that is suing - they got hit by the speeding driver. They are suing both the driver and Snapchat.
The clincher for me though is that Snapchat has a filter that encourages people to upload photos of their speedometer, and that this filter has, on several previous occasions, contributed to other crashes. To me this is incitement to commit a crime and they deserve to be sued.

The second thing I want to rant about is the furore in England at the moment about anti-semitism in politics.
While I think that some of the things going on over there are anti-semitic, I also think that some of the claims are nonsense.

  • Criticising Israel is not anti-semitic. Some of the things Israel does to Palestine are barbaric. I’m aware that the Palestinians also do some pretty bad stuff, but that doesn’t excuse Israel’s actions. Stating that does not make me anti-semitic.
  • Saying that Hitler actually did some good things as well does not make me a Nazi apologist. I am aware that the bad things he did far outweigh the good things he did, and that some of the good things he did were done for pretty evil motives, but that doesn’t negate the fact that there were good things done.

The third thing I want to rant about is that the American legal system seems to be intent on destroying the constitution. A large portion of the media seems to want to help.
Compare these two headlines:

Ex-police officer jailed indefinitely for refusing to decrypt hard drives

and this:

Child porn suspect jailed indefinitely for refusing to decrypt hard drives

(sorry Lee, but that second one is from ARS Technica)
The fact that he is suspected of child pornography is completely irrelevant, as is the fact that he is an ex-police officer. The 5th amendment to the constitution states that you have the right not to incriminate yourself and you can’t be jailed for exercising that right. Using an obscure 1789 statute (the same one used against Apple) does not trump the constitution.
They even trotted out that old crock of s**t “if you have nothing to hide you have nothing to fear”. Don’t get me started on what I think about that nonsense.
I am expecting a lawsuit for unconstitutional incarceration, and I would hope that he would win it.


Okay, I have to add a 4th rant as well.


Umm… what? Accused? He should be thanked for that, not accused.
The obvious implication there is that encryption is a “bad thing”, but people wouldn’t need encryption if the government didn’t go trampling over our rights as they have done.

A law enforcement spokesman was quoted as saying

that these advances have had a “profound effect” on efforts to collect information pertaining to terrorist activity

Well, tough. Find another way.


The way around this one is to list the things you are talking about specifically. The Autobahn, Volkswagon, whatever. Otherwise you sound like Marge Schott.

On the Snapchat issue, they are not at fault. Someone uses a knife with a blood channel to kill someone, the knife maker specifically made it easier to kill someone so they get sued. I make an ap that’s designed to record falling speed, for balloon or rocket experiments or something, kid kills himself by jumping off a building with that ap running, not my fault. If I sell you a gun, and you appeared to be totally normal and were someone I was familiar with and had shown no insane tendencies, it’s not my fault if you shoot up a school.

Third party liability is a slippery slope for me.

They’ve been working on the 2nd since the 60’s, the first since about the same time, destroyed the 4th with “drug” dogs alerting on reflected light from marsh gas on Venus, beating on the 5th forever, and the third has been eliminated whenever the police need a surveillance point. Not to mention how the government seems to think they can just shut places down, like Boston when they were searching for the bombers. The 6th amendment is trashed, even with the prevalence of pressured plea bargaining the courts still can’t get even close to a speedy trial.

And let’s not even talk about the 9th.

FIFY, or them actually. Maybe if they stopped spending the whole HSA budget on $15 an hour TSA workers they could hire the human intel agents needed to get teh job done.


I would normally agree with you on this one, but as I said, there have been several other crashes where the Snapchat filter was a large contributing factor. They have been asked multiple times to remove it because of the issues, but they have failed to do so. Yeah, they are partially to blame.


I’m not trying to one-up them or anything, but I think the people of Melbourne are a bit soft.

Apparently they had a huge storm with lots of disruptions to all sorts of services. High winds, flash flooding, the lot.

Then I read this article.
It seems that the “high winds” were gusts of up to 80km/h (50mph). In Wellington that’s a breezy day*. 180km/h is a storm, over 200km/h is a severe storm.
In the video the “flash floods” were depicted as the gutters running really full, and they talked about getting 15mm of rain in one day. In the Wellington floods last week we got over 25mm of rain in an hour. Admittedly that is extreme, and we have only had one instance like that that I can remember (last year), but still …

* Okay, maybe a bit more than a breezy day, but still nowhere near severe weather.


@MikeP You sound like me when I read “magnitude 2.9 earthquake strikes Texas”. Less than 5.0 barely even gets my attention and I don’t get out of bed for less than 6.5. 2.9 we don’t even feel here in California. We call that “Tuesday”. :slight_smile:

I suppose it’s the same with hurricanes in Florida, tornadoes in Kansas, and blizzards in Maine. It’s all in what you’re familiar with and/or prepared to handle. We build for earthquakes here, but that amount of wind or (especially) rain would screw us.


Yeah, we get earthquakes, wind, and rain (though not normally anywhere near that much rain).
I guess we are just special here then :sob:

I agree - magnitude 2.9 is not an earthquake, it’s a heavy truck driving past the house - on the other side of the road.

Just to clarify, 5mm an hour is normally considered to be heavy rain. 25mm in an hour was ludicrous and we got heavy flooding in a lot of places. That flooding was all cleared by the evening as the rain had stopped by then.


Facebook cooks it’s trending topics. Surprise surprise. I’m sure Twitter does too. Along with many other sources.

They are private companies, if they didn’t say they were organic trends I wouldn’t care, but these people push their “neutral” stance and then skew left. BLM may not have trended at all if it wasn’t inserted into the top topics manually.

Bernie Sanders supporters are finding all sorts of voting irregularities, now that it’s not their person winning elections all of a sudden these people care about voting controls. Ask Al Franken how he likes his seat in Congress, after 1,800 felons voted for him in an election with a margin of victory in the triple digits.

At the same time Fox News is slipping in the rankings because most of the crap they talk about no one cares about. I wonder about half the Fox stories I read any more, seems like a cross between a Jerry Springer episode and Hoarders.