COVID-19 : Websites offering free stuff

This thread is created to list websites giving away items for free to keep you (and others) entertained during self-quarantine or lockdowns.

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We can add in CBS All Access. As directed by Patrick Stewart, you can use the code GIFT to get a month-long pass. Catch up on the first season of Star Trek: Picard.

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Here’s another one. The Internet Archive is temporarily suspending all waitlists. so you can check the digitized books they have. Details in the announcement.

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Not totally free (but keep reading…) but Humble Bundle is doing a huge bundle of games, books, and even some audio for cheap.

Here’s the free part: I don’t run Windows, so if there’s one or two games you want on the list that are Windows only (or at least not Mac friendly), message me and I’ll happily send you the key! First come, first server.

Update: Brutal Legend and Psychonauts are also available, as I have them already. Some other goodies I’d suggest are Lego Batman 3 and two Darksiders games.

So far the best game in the bundle is Into the Breach which is great for slow moments like filling out a lunch break.


Pluralsight is free for the month of April.

Best part? The content authors keep getting paid.

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