COVID-19 stuff

Looks like it is spreading quite fast, already another city is in lockdown.

At this stage it is anybody’s guess as to what will happen next.

At least they’re taking it seriously this time. I remember in 2003 they tried to pretend SARS wasn’t a thing until too many people died for them to be able to cover it up any longer.

It does not seem to be that lethal as only a few people died in comparison to the number of infected/sick people… BUT this may change any time soon.

There are two cases in the US now, so yeah, this has some nasty potential.

Hopefully it will be like SARS and be more easily handled by western medicine and standards. It just wasn’t really a killer here.

I saw a shot of a truck with a fogger spraying disinfectant and it’s just crazy to think they’ve reached that point this quick.

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Oh wow. Hope this get nipped in the bud quickly.

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According to Matt 24:7 there will not be a global pandemic, but instead it will be “in diverse places”. So I’m not worried.

Here is a link to a map, showing infections and tallies of people infected/dead.

National news said they are building three hospitals - THREE NEW HOSPITALS - on an emergency basis to handle this crisis.

@Force10 Be careful. 2 cases have been confirmed in southern CA, one in LA county, one in Orange county.

I heard about the one in LA. Didn’t know about OC.

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According to the nCoV website, it seems as if there’s a couple of new infections :

Germany (1)
Canada (1)
Ivory Coast (1)
Cambodia (1)
Sri Lanka (1)
And the above mentioned ones in the USA

if the mortality rate was 100% then we would’ve had cause to panic, but it seems it is not that high, in comparison to Ebola Zaire.

But still, the people who are infected right now have a slightly better chance of recovering than later ones, due to the fact that medical facilities will be slammed and medicines and safety equipment be in short supply when a whole lot of people get infected and require medical attention.

Right now I’m fascinated by this virus, it is perfectly balanced by a long incubation period where other people can be infected but there is no symptoms. By the time you get the symptoms, it is too late. Fortunately the phase where you are sick is fraught with complications, but if you have good medical attention and medicines, you can recover fully (and if you also take precautions of not stressing your body during recovery).

Our beloved Dept of Health seems to be asleep at the steering wheel. I heard from a fellow forumite (from another forum) that :

It seems every country in the world is cutting back on travel to/from China.

Australia? Hell no. We’re still letting in about 50,000 Chinese people every week. No screening, no quarantine, nothing except a little pamphlet in English that says “If you feel unwell go to a doctor”.

Our government’s response is the saddest joke in the world.

And I thought ours was sad.

Maybe we should compare notes on a regular basis… see whose country will get it first.

Winner get a kiss from @Nabiki :rofl:

I hate quoting a rag like the UK’s “Daily Mail” but this article has the best coverage of what’s (not) happening down here. It’s a bit out of date now, but gives an idea of how behind the ball this place is.

Only if we’re all wearing masks to prevent the spread of the virus! :rofl:



Seems the closest we can have is Botswana.

Going to be an interesting two weeks.


26 Jan 2019
27 Jan 2794
28 Jan 4474
29 Jan 6057
30 Jan 7783
31 Jan 9776
1 Feb 11374

259 death

Quite a big jump in known infections.

Telegram channel

Aussie update 2020-02-03: We have banned all non-Australian citizens and Permanent Residents from entering Australia from mainland China for the next couple of weeks. Which is a sane and sensible move, following the lead by the USA, Russia, North Korea, etc.

However, the international students are calling it ‘racist’.

How the hell it it racist to block flights from one country in an attempt to stop the spread of a pandemic? This level of idiocy makes me rather angry.