Console gaming


I’ve enjoyed Minecraft, but burned out on it due to some social issues coming up around the same time as it was in a period of minimal updates just before the MS acquisition. I’ve considered reloading it… But I don’t think it’s worth my time.

Some small fun games I’ve been enjoying lately are Guacamelee and Cuphead (playing both on Mac, but there’s console versions). Both modern takes on old school platformers.


Its a great suggestion! Its one of the worlds most popular games. The MineCraft bug just never bit us.


I think those would be to hard for my sisters, they are very casual.


Subnautica is free till the 28th.


We have two Wii’s. I’m thinking of hacking the older one and make it homebrew compatible for some extra homebrew games. The newer one will remain stock.

Pity you can’t have more than 4 controllers on one Wii :frowning:


Cuphead is pretty merciless. I’m terrible at it, but it is beautiful. Guacamelee is actually a lot easier, in my mind: The main reason I stopped playing is I didn’t have a good controller for it, which I fixed by getting an SN30 pro for myself.

There’s a lot of emulated games (or the NES/SNES/PSX Classic boxes, which are of course also emulation) that are fun console games for people that aren’t veteran gamers.

I’d also recommend Cave Story if they want to try a ‘long’ MetroidVania style game that isn’t too insane. They won’t 100% it (the completionist stuff is insane) but it’s pretty gentle with the introductory stuff without being patronizing.


On what platform???


Cave Story has been released on tons of platforms by this point:

it started as a passion project by a guy who wanted to make a game. Turned out awesome with a good mix of ‘cutesy’ and fun. There’s some challenge/boss rush modes if you want to throw the controller around, but those are optional.

I’ve played it on Macs, PCs, Wii, and other platforms.


Need to procure a monitor for the Wii.

It must accept AV in (from the Wii).

HDMI/VGA should be standard.

I don’t want a TV as I’ll need to get a TV licence for it.

Any suggestions?


I believe you can get a Wii to VGA and/or a Wii to HDMI adapter or cable. A quick Google search came up with results in the USA for me, @Ook.


You need a license for a TV?


I’m assuming the same sort of thing as in GB. There is a TV tax that pays for BBC. For each and every TV you have you must pay a licensing fee. They used to go around with detectors for them and fine people crazy amounts of money for not paying.


There’s a joke going round that it is cheaper to kill the inspector than getting a fine :joy:


That was my first thought, too. Like @Woodman mentioned, I was familiar with the UK having TV fees, but honestly, it such a foreign concept. (haha) And how do the “detectors” work? Even if was that just for CRTs, how would it diferentiate between someone on the computer vs someone watching TV? Or someone streaming and not using a broadcast signal? I’m not wearing a foil hat, but are the broadcasters slipping a mikey into the signal so the detectors have something to pick up on?

In other news, when I get a chance to play, I’ve been digging Fallout 76. I haven’t seen @Force10 online in the last week or two, though. Probably just our schedules or moments of opportunity not matching up.


The Xbox One X bundle went on sale again for the same price as after Thanksgiving, so I went ahead and bought one on Tuesday. The sad thing is that I haven’t had time to set it up and play with it; hopefully, I will get a chance on Saturday night or maybe late afternoon.

@Force10, I hope you’re feeling better. I haven’t seen you online in F76 much lately. I’ve been teaming up with my buddy in Dallas, but he doesn’t seem to grasp how to properly scavenge, so he’s always running out of everything - ammo, water, stimpacks, etc. That can be frustrating, but I’m carrying about 700 pounds of gear, so I apparently have an opposite problem. Ha!


I put it down for a bit because I’m to the point where I need to launch nukes to complete the main quest but that’s something best done with 2 or 3 other players and none of my other friends have been available. To launch a nuke you need to gather 8 nuclear code pieces for the same silo and then fight through all the robots and other security measures to make it to launch console and enter your code. I’d also like to nuke Fissure Site Prime and take out the Scorchbeast queen as an optional quest objective because there’s an achievement for it but you supposedly need 6-8 players for that.

Where did you get your Xbox One X bundle and what all comes with it?


Got the PS4 pro. I love it. I play a lot of monster hunter and other graphics heavy games and the standard ps4 would drop frames here or there, or chug a bit in non per-renderd cut scenes leading to textures popping. With the pro those are a complete thing of the past.


Ahh, gotcha. Yeah, definitely need a bunch of buddies to take down the nuked queen. I sort of background watched Many A True Nerd’s Fallout 76 series, and even with a big team, it was a pretty epic battle.
As far as I know, it just came with Fallout 76 and a controller, but I haven’t opened the box yet. It was a busy week for me… we’re still shuffling furniture, equipment, and everything at the office because we’re getting new paint, flooring, and some lighting, plus in Cub Scouts, we were preparing for Pinewood Derby Race Day yesterday. I got home from that yesterday afternoon, and slept for a few hours, just to catch up.