Console gaming


Lately, this has been what I’ve been playing, though the wife isn’t a fan of when I play it because time goes into a black hole and I’m in the Commonwealth for hours… too many hours


My girlfriend feels the same way. I’m about to complete a playthrough where I side with the Institute because it’s the only achievement I don’t have yet. And also the only faction I’ve yet to side with.

Far Harbor DLC drops soon so I’ll have to complete that as well. :slight_smile:


So I rarely buy new games at the launch price. Well I bought Battleborn for the ps4.
The game is just okay, the fact that even the single play is 100% on-line bothers me. It means that if the servers have issues then my game wont be even playable. It also means that in a few years when nobody is playing they will shut of access to my game :confused: :tired_face:


After googling a bit, it seems I need to procure a RCA to VGA adapter doohicky in order to connect our Wii to a VGA monitor.

As we have two Wii’s, I’m curious to try and install homebrew on the second Wii.

FWIW we bought one, and I’ve won the other in a competition. Kids love to play on it.