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Lately, this has been what I’ve been playing, though the wife isn’t a fan of when I play it because time goes into a black hole and I’m in the Commonwealth for hours… too many hours


My girlfriend feels the same way. I’m about to complete a playthrough where I side with the Institute because it’s the only achievement I don’t have yet. And also the only faction I’ve yet to side with.

Far Harbor DLC drops soon so I’ll have to complete that as well. :slight_smile:


So I rarely buy new games at the launch price. Well I bought Battleborn for the ps4.
The game is just okay, the fact that even the single play is 100% on-line bothers me. It means that if the servers have issues then my game wont be even playable. It also means that in a few years when nobody is playing they will shut of access to my game :confused: :tired_face:


After googling a bit, it seems I need to procure a RCA to VGA adapter doohicky in order to connect our Wii to a VGA monitor.

As we have two Wii’s, I’m curious to try and install homebrew on the second Wii.

FWIW we bought one, and I’ve won the other in a competition. Kids love to play on it.


Calling out Xbox nerds, I have a question… Does anyone have an Xbox One X? I’m debating on if I want to upgrade from my Xbox One to an Xbox One X. (Geez, that’s almost painful to type.) Is it better enough to warrant upgrading?

Backstory: We have a slightly older LCD TV mounted on the wall in the bedroom, I’m thinking it is around 43" ish. It was the wife’s before we were married. Anyway, the HDMI ports in it have all blown. (Apparently this was an issue with some of the TVs of this age - the controller chips got hot and either fried or melted the solder connections. I tried the ‘use a heat gun to reflow the solder’ trick, but I only got audio back on one port.)
So now, we can’t use the Chromecast or the PS3 for streaming / DVD/BluRay, and the cable box is running through either coax or composite video ports, neither one of which allows the TV to recognize the signal as HD. (I don’t know if that is a limitation of the TV or the cable box, but it’s freaking annoying.)
I could try soldering in new chips, but that isn’t guaranteed to solve the problem; a replacement board costs $150+ but good luck finding one. Sooo, really, it just needs to be replaced.
I could buy a new one that size, but the prices are almost the same for the next larger class. And most of the new sets are 4K. Well, gee, it seems like such a waste to have a 4K in the bedroom, but regular HD in the living room. Maybe I should buy a new 4K for the living room, and migrate one of those TVs into the bedroom. Oh, by the way, I have two TVs in the living room - the main central TV is a 55" LCD (also wife’s pre-marriage), but off to the side, in my gaming corner, is my 46" plasma TV (which I love). It seems like 55" would be a bit much for the bedroom, but 46" would be just about perfect. The plasma is relatively heavy - much heavier than a LCD TV - but not too heavy for the bracket on the wall, so it makes sense to elect the plasma for migration.
Ok, so I’ve talked myself into upgrading a living room TV, but nothing in the living room is up for the task of driving a 4K TV. But if I also upgrade the Xbox from One to One X, it could totally drive 4K. And a few places have the One X on sale for $100 off right now! OTOH, I have a nagging suspicion that a next, newer, better version will be announced as soon as I buy it, or maybe within 2-3 months.
BTW, Walmart has Visio M-class 55" on sale for $428 right now, which is a huge discount on a great TV, so I’m probably going to order that today, and pray that I don’t have to do too much rearranging to get it to fit in the space where the 46" is now.


Ah the joys of technology upgrades… This is how we ended up having a 65" 4K in the bedroom that we don’t really use.

Xbox One to One X… Unless you end up moving the Xbox One to another room and having 2 in the house, I wouldn’t. 4K is nice for gaming (I have a PS4 Pro too) but there’s nothing the X has that to me makes it an easy switch. Your 4K will handle displaying the Xbox just fine and you’re right in that a new one will be right around the corner.


Yep, I saw something this weekend about them beta testing the next hardware - the story was about the code name, but it provided info I was interested in. I ordered the TV last night. I may still get the One X - I would still use the old One for media center duties, at a minimum, and I’m sure my step-son would game on it when he comes over.


I’m thinking about buying a television at Goodwill, something with older inputs for the (original) XBox, Wii, and VCR, but also an HDMI for the DVD player. This would probably go in the garage for Dad Violent Movie Time and also Dad Finally Playing 10-Year-Old Video Games Without Kids Helping Time.

I’ve seen several there for $30-40 that are newer and larger than our (one) television in the living room. It may actually be time to upgrade.


You’re handy enough that you could get an old rear projection TV for free, or almost free, off Craigslist for garage duty. Several years ago, like when I was still running a 27 or 32 inch CRT boat anchor TV, I got a rear projection set that had an alignment problem for free. I ordered the parts to fix the alignment control circuit and a couple bottles of coolant - soldered in the components, then cleaned the lenses and replaced the coolant in two of the color CRT assemblies. (Algae will grow in the coolant of two of the colors, but I can’t remember which two.) Did the alignment adjustments in the menu system, and boom, I had a big honkin’ TV!


If only you lived somewhere near me…

I’ve got 4 (yes, FOUR) CRT TVs laying around my house solely because I can never figure out how to get rid of the damn things. Half the time, the once-yearly “electronics recycling event” things that they do at the local high school won’t accept CRTs, and we don’t seem to have a dedicated electronics recycling facility anywhere around here.

Also, I can’t fit them in my car and need a second person to lift the damn things. (3 of them are 27" and 1 is a 32" if I recall correctly…)


Got a CRT in the bedroom. I never use it… I think $Wife only turns it on once or twice a month when cleaning. I bought it around '98-ish when had No TV and got tired of running everything through my then-awesome ATI capture/video card which had a choice of two modes:

  1. Input in a window, which was kind of slow and laggy.
  2. Input on the desktop, which used some sort of ‘blue screen’ kind of trick, but played much faster on the hardware.

I did go through nearly a year with this rig, including playing FF7 on it while spending a summer living with family while working a temp job at what became my long-term employer.


The last CRT TV I had was 32" and that thing was 100 pounds easy. I replaced it with a 50" Samsung DLP that I could lift by myself.


There are lots of free CRTs out there; I just don’t have the physical space for one, nor the inclination to have to dispose of it later. Right now Goodwill has that sweet spot of early generation flat panels that have the connectors I need…


I would have happily kept using the two 25" CRT TVs I had, but when I moved into my house, I looked at the electrical layout and realized I might have too much for the circuits to handle.


Dug out our Wii and played a few games :smiley:


I managed to pre-order a super nice official kingdom hearts themed ps4 pro, and now im considering giving my old ps4 to my sisters. Any game suggestions for very casual 12,14,16 kids? I will be getting them the lego marvel games, and probably spider-man because we are a web-head loving family.


Minecraft PS4 Edition should be considered, but this advice is coming from a very long time Xbox user. :smile:


No person in our house gives a hoot about minecraft.:rofl:


Wait, what?

Not at all?


My son played it until he was 16. I didn’t know that no one in your family cares about it. It was just a suggestion.