Console gaming


No, no, that’s cool—I meant my actual house house. Console talk on the boards is fine :smiley:


Technically isnt the board in your home?


I believe there’s an exception on console talk in the server closet. This would be a rather dull place if it weren’t for the console peasants we have here.


Ouch!!! I take “offense” at being called a console peasant. We are called consol plebs


I am a console peasant in my son’s eyes. :smile:


Are you inconsolable?


Yeah, FFXIII was a huge let-down once I figured out what is ended up being. The story is interesting, but the battle system is downright annoying/boring after the initial flare has staled out.

Trails in the Sky is a must have for anyone who enjoys the older style JRPGs. The battle system honestly reminds me of the old Grandia’s or some of the Arc the Lad’s.


I played FF13 and 13-2 and Lightning returns. I love the 13 games. They are the only final fantasy’s that i have beaten. and the reason for that is I personally don’t enjoy open world games. I understand i am wrong and blah blah blah. But, That doesn’t change the fact that I love the story and world of 13. Its confusing and pointless most of the time but its the same thing I love about kingdom hearts. The story is done in a way that makes you really think about what is actually happening in the game. While that can be sometimes lazy writing or just bad writing I still love them.

I recognize that 13 wasn’t the best final fantasy, but it still is very high selling world wide and on top of that it brought final fantasy to people who may not have cared or liked the series before like my self.


I don’t know that I disagree with you here. I look at some of the open world stuff, and it’s really not all that open world. What’s the difference between a path you can’t leave and a path that if you leave it you are deaded in 2 seconds? Also some of this open world crap is just a cover for a bad storyline.

OTOH, when the First Elder Scrolls came out and you could kind of go anywhere you wanted, that was big time. But I could take that back even farther to Might and Magic, you could do whatever you wanted, as long as you didn’t mind dying a million times.


I find open world translates into" hey look we have XX amount of celectables!"
When i play games its because i want to feel as if im part of a story. I vastly prefer games with great story or worlds. But, when it comes to open world it seems to be a way to disstract from the fact that the story is bad or that its only a few hours long.


I’ve found the older I get the less I want to be part of their story and the more I want to make my own.

Not always true as I’m playing the shit out of Torchlight II, but I can’t handle the time investment that some of these story driven games push. Saints Row The Third was about my speed in story investment lately. But I’ve been shorting oxygen to my brain cells for the last year or so.


I game on my Mac. Not sure how that fits into the whole PC Master Race thing.

On the other hand, if I can get my Mac Conversion fixed I should have a Hackintosh with a good video card. May dual-boot Windows or SteamOS for a few games I’d liek to play that aren’t Mac friendly like the newer Fallouts.


Macs are PCs now. Just a different OS. :smiling_imp:


It’s a computer, it’s personal, it’s a personal computer :smiley:


We’ve been playing a lot of Halo 2 on the XBox lately. Siglets Primus and Secundus don’t really care that it’s obsolete.

I never thought when the two of us were playing together back in 2004 that twelve years later we’d be playing 4-player with our kids.


Ahw man love halo. I have almost all the books and i am missing halo5 but thats because i dont have xbone. I love the evolution from 1-4 each game is so much fun! Halo 1 is by far my favorite.


I’m with you, @Johtoguy. The master chief collection is why I bought an Xbox One last year, so I could play the series all the way through with my stepson.


Was the remastering worth the price?
Did you pick up H5?
And did they remake odst( one if my other favorites)?


Yes x3!!! The Master Chief Collection was great, and I really like the central launcher - you can launch Halo 1-4 or ODST all from one interface/shell.

I preordered 5 from Amazon, saved a few bucks, and didn’t have to wait in a crowded line.

ODST was remastered or ported or whatever, and at the time, only cost $5 extra if you had the MCC. Good stuff


I bought an XBone for Fallout 4 (awesome) and Mass Effect: Andromeda (not out yet). Also have The Witcher 3 on deck for when I’m done playing in the wasteland.