Console gaming


How many of you have consoles you play regularly? What Games do you regularly play on them and do you have recommendations?


I play Netflix on my Wii U.

And Mario Cart and Just Dance 2015 with my sproutling.


have you tried the yoshi game for the wii u i heard it was fantastic. I use my wiiu only for Zelda and monster hunter.


I have the original Xbox and a 360, a PS2 and a PS3, and my daughter has a Wii. I’m saving up for an Xbox One (the Elite model with the fancy controller and the 1TB hybrid SSHD) and possibly a PS4.

I’m currently playing Far Cry 4 on the 360 and am about 2/3rds through it. Already played Far Cry, FC2 and FC3 and thoroughly enjoyed each of them. My favorite weapon load out for FC4 is the AutoBolt, the silenced Shredder, the Recurve Bow (all for my typical stealth approach) and the RPG for when I don’t care about making a little noise.

However, what I’m really looking forward to playing is Just Cause 3 (so far only available on Xbox One or PS4). I’ve already played Just Cause and JC2 and loved their massive open worlds. While Far Cry includes a grapple and squirrel suit like Just Cause, the combination used in JC is much more useful.

Of course I’ve already done all the Call of Duties and Medal of Honors and Battlefields and Halos (in fact I first bought the Xbox Classic just to play Halo with after playing one day on a friends system) and GTA’s and Saints Rows and Gears of Wars.

My wife and I have started but not finished the Army of Two series. And yes, she plays the FPS games too and although she attacks certain sections with a different approach than I would (and usually only on advanced mode whereas I typically play on expert), she does quite well for herself. I haven’t played any of the Tom Clancy games yet, but I’m liking the trailer for The Division.


I have a Xbox One 1TB Call of Duty edition. I was a beta tester for Xbox Live back in the fall of 2002 and my GT is the same as my username here (just substitute a space for the underscore).

I was last seen playing GTA5 a while ago. I’ve been playing a bit more on the PC lately.


Has anyone played the Division? I’ve watched Mighty Jingles play a bit, and he calls it Warcraft with guns and a better home base.

It looks pretty fun, and paced about right for me. I can’t compete in a click fest anymore, at least without dying a lot, my wife/kid/dog/cat distract me too easily and I don’t want to tune the rest of the world out when I’m playing.


Card carrying member of the pc master race. NO CONSOLE PEASANTRY IN MY HOUSE.


Then i should absolutely not mention i prefer console gaming over pc gaming???


This is the reason my son doesn’t respect me as much as he should.


I too, am a PC gamer. There’s an old PS3 sitting around somewhere, but it hasn’t been turned on in years. The games I really enjoyed on that are available on the PC now (Final Fantasy, for the most part).


Still have an Atari 2600 console somewhere, still working. It is in deep storage though.

Mainly we play Wii games, such as Wii fit (and the associated Wii sports games on the island), Mario Galaxy, Mario Tennis, and one or two others.

Great fun for the whole family.


I’ve been playing Fallout4 on my Xbox One.
I still have my green Halo edition original Xbox, and an Xbox 360, but they haven’t seen much use lately.
I also have a PS3 that I bought from my stepson, but it is only used as a media center in the bedroom - DVD/BluRay plus streaming.


PC Master Race here. There are some I used to play on the PS3, but I’ve otherwise moved over to Emulation for SNES, PSOne, and PS2. Shh, don’t tell anyone.

Steam Link has filled the void for those games that just feel better on a console controller and a couch, but are much better with PC.



No, I’ve never used it.


Hey ill take that ps3 of your hands :smile:
Ive been meaning to get one for the longest time


I think the roommate still uses it once in a while. Star Ocean 2 hasn’t come out for the PC yet, so there’s still some reason to keep it around.


I think a new star ocean is coming to the ps4


It is. I’m not going to buy a game system just for one game, though.


What about final fantasy 15? Thats going to be a fun action rpg


I’m still not sure on FF15. The last several have gotten away from the story based games that I enjoyed so much. Last year I picked up The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky which is very much like the older Final Fantasy games. I really enjoyed it. The sequel is out, but I’m going to wait until it drops in price before I get it.