Configuring answer files in win 10

Okay so I volunteered to create the new win 10 image for my work, because the old one required 30+ steps to finish setting up, so I’m going to post my attempts at editing answer files and shorting image set up process. Any hints/tips are appreciated.

First thing I did was make a folder on the dep’t share that has all of the default things that are needed after getting past the basic install and shut off of Crotona/built in spyware.

Whelp, so far all I’ve managed is to create an image that wont boot, because the apex script I was given strips the files that are part of a OoBE.
Aside from that I created a script that fixed an issue with numlock being on via bios but not functioning until being toggled.
I also made a quick .cmd that will change mbr to gpt and then reboot after 120 seconds

NumLock with a silent run

The way this works is by exporting the configured numlock registry entry to a desired location, then providing the full path to it into the text portion of the .cmd

If numlock is set to any value other than 2, numlock will not function at boot.

The /S runs it silently with no prompt.

REGEDIT.EXE /S “C:\NewImage\NumlockConfig\Numlock.reg”

The mbr2gpt will run once on a computer, and will not work a second time because with the boot converted to gpt the mbr2gpt.exe will not run passed its first checks.

This has to be run as admin to work.

The two enters that are place before shut down are to confirm the conversion and then to clear the screen. after shutdown, there is an enter to confirm its use.

Mbr2gpt.exe /convert /allowfullos

Shutdown –r –f –t 120

Having fun so far? Keep it up, maybe you’ll spare somebody a ton of work.


We gave up on this because after multiple scripts started to fail when they where baked into the image.

We’ve now moved into trying to build skype for business profiles for hp nucs that no matter whos logged in the skype profile will be for the nuc.