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I would like to know what techie communities people here are members of, and/or how you network with your professional peers. I’ve been tasked with writing blogs for the college I work at, and I want to write on the benefits of networking on online communities.

This one is it for me, at least that I am active in. I lurk on reddit tech threads but that’s not helpful.

I’ll talk about PASS until you slap duct tape over my mouth.

Edit: we’re in-person, on Twitter, on slack, webinars, pretty much everywhere.

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You’re not going to want to hear this, but I keep getting new work positions through different guys I meet at strip clubs. Hey, networking is networking.

I’ve attended some local PASS events in the past as well, and found them good for networking.

In my new (ish) role as a Business Analyst, I’ve joined the International Institute of Business Analysts, but I haven’t really explored it much… now that things are calming down here, I really should.

/heads to Home Depot to pick up some duct tape. :slight_smile:

My industry niche is somewhat smaller, so I mostly meet people when they’re assisting opposing counsel.

This year, for the first time (long overdue), I went to the big conference, which is hosted by the big software company, in my field, but the conference has grown to include complimentary but not necessarily related markets/products. (The “big” software company in our niche was bought by a much larger software and services company with broader tech-related product lines.) I already knew most of the people I talked to there. While I met a few new folks, I’m not sure it would count as networking, because what they do isn’t really what I do.

So, much like @Johtoguy, this forum might count as my networking group. I guess maybe the support forum for the software I use, but I’m not on there very frequently anymore, and it is almost 100% shop talk.

I’m part of an anesthesia group and a Mom’s with a DVM group. They are super helpful. We try to meet up irl at conferences and the like but it gets hard.

Or is this not what you meant. :rofl::rofl:

All of this is great. Keep them coming.

I’m part of a number of (global) closed communities specific to my speciality. I also lurk on many technical lists and on reddit, interactions are relatively low in number.

IRL I also attend various speciality events, with the usual weighting of mostly local, some national, and a few international. I’ve spoken at a number of those, and in the past I’ve blogged a bit - something I need to get back into the habit of doing.

There’s also stuff internal to the org I work at, but it’s a large one, so we’re a bit atypical there.

This is the only social type thing I’m on. Other than this, I’m a member/contributor of several SQL and Powershell groups. Does it count that I read The Onion?

We gotta talk.

Are you in the SQL Community Slack?

What is pass? At a passing glance its hard to tell.

Right from the front page:

PASS is your invitation to a global community of over 250,000 like-minded data professionals who leverage the Microsoft Data Platform. Becoming a member unlocks incredible year-round learning and professional development opportunities, virtual webinars, in-person networking, and mentorship.

PASS (formerly known as Professional Association for SQL Server) is an international organization for data professionals (DBAs, developers, analysts, Business Intelligence, etc.) primarily focused on MS SQL Server. It has done immeasurable things for me both professionally and personally, and once you immerse yourself in the community, the bonds are like family (we’re talking about vacation plans for next summer and I’m already thinking “ok, I know a dozen people in this city, a half-dozen over there, 4 here…”).

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I just joined the PTO. But that’s in meatspace.

I also lead a small group for church. And run the role playing group at church for the kids…

But that’s meatspace too.

Meatspace counts. I just wrote my new blog post on Friday. I don’t think it’s been posted yet.

Edit: I need a topic for the next blog. If anyone has any ideas, I’d love to hear them.

As a stay at home it gives me some connection to people I’m not related to and connections for when I might be looking for something part time or odd jobbish. I’m going to start going to the town meetings as well.

I’m not in anything much now. Retired back on June 1, and I’m amazed at how much I’ve already forgotten about SQL Server. I still use a bit of Powershell, and I’ll probably load SQL Server on my desktop unit one day to do something (I have no idea what), but I’m starting to build a house and don’t need TSQL, indexes, and SSIS cluttering my thoughts. I’m pretty impressed with how much weight I’ve lost in the last 2.5 months by actually doing physical labor without stress eating. My six-pack is starting to reappear.

“As God is my witness, I’ll never go over 180 again.”


I’m going more for the keg look myself


Yeah, that’s what I started with on June 1. I was really disappointed in myself.