CoG Meetups


I have an ex there, my ex-roommate’s pseudo-mother-in-law lives there… And I’ve heard stories from some of my shipmates who went to boot camp there.

Ohter than that, it was a joke.


No confirmation yet from @Gnatdbug and @Hasufin hasn’t replied, but let’s plan on Saturday, the 29th noon at OSHA Thai. Sounds like we have at least three attending.


Oh, sorry. Got busy. Yes, I can do the 29th, noon, at OSHA Thai. The closest BART station would be the Embarcadero, right?

I might actually be going by Red Blossom this evening, I have a friend from the East Coast in and we’re going to seek good tea in Chinatown.

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Cool. That makes four, possibly five attending! :slight_smile:


It’s like Cleveland but with better weather. :yum:


Could someone clarify the address? For some reason I’m popping up multiple addresses with the name OSHA Thai.


Embarcedero Center #201

It’s a short walk north of the Embaracedro station of Muni/BART.


Bad news, guys OSHA Thai is open at five on Saturday… I’ll meet you here, though, and we can decide where to go from there.


This one is open. Hasufin, if you are here, yell printerer. (I have a purple bandanna on.)


I had a great time, folks. Thanks.

And Missy forgave me almost before I gave her the Kobe beef.

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I had a lot of fun too. I just made the 3:45 ferry, so even better. :slight_smile:

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It was a pleasure meeting you all and being in your company. You’re all such colorful people and I mean that in a good way.


Another reason here is that you have kayakers.

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The shark is only a threat if you go in the ocean.

What’s wrong with kayakers?


They follow you out?


They attract sharks, obviously.


Are any CoGers going to be at the RSA Conference this year? I’m going to be there on the 1st.


Today was fun with @Force10 and gf. Went to the Marin Headlands to see San Francisco from above, then went to Golden Gate park to see the bison, the rose garden, and Stow lake. F10 and company were last seen at Pier 39 as I drove towards home.


Other than me and Lee, is anyone near Houston?


Glad we didn’t annoy you too much, @Nabiki. Thanks for hauling us around. :slight_smile:

The next day we hung out in Chinatown and Fisherman’s Wharf with @Hasufin. Much yummy food was consumed.

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