CoG Meetups

It was suggested that we create a thread for meetups of CoG members at various cons and such, but I thought we should have a meetup thread in general. So, if you’re going to be traveling, let us know if you’d like to meet with any members in the area!

We should do a San Francisco bay area meetup one day, since we have @ClockWorkXon, @Gnatdbug, @Hasufin and @Blurr and me in this area, at least.

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Especially since I’ll be leaving the area, around September 15th. I was going to suggest getting together before I move.

I’ll be in Phoenix (well, very close) next week, coincidentally. And Spokane the week after.

Yay, end of the fiscal year travel money.

I’m available any day of the week except for Sundays. A Saturday would probably be best for those with jobs. @ClockWorkXon, @Gnatdbug, @Hasufin, @Blurr, how does Saturday the 22nd or 29th of this month sound? We could meet up someplace in San Francisco for lunch?

Edit: I think that @Gnatdbug works on Saturdays. I could probably cancel game for one week, so how about Sunday the 23rd or 30th? Unless Gnat can’t make it at all…

The 29th or 30th work for me.

I should be open on the 29th for lunch.

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So, any more word on this?

I’ll poke @Gnatdbug again to see if I can get a response. If I don’t hear from him this week, let’s plan for the 29th. I don’t know SF all that well except for Japantown, so do you or Blurr have a preference?

I actually don’t know it well either due to having to stay cooped up in the office more often than not. My preference would be near my office building (101 California) since I’m at least somewhat familiar here.

I don’t have a preference, but I would prefer to not have sushi this time.

That looks like it’s pretty close to the ferry building, and if I remember correctly, there are all kinds of places around there to eat. Any preferences on types of food other than ‘no sushi’? I’ll find something near there.

Added bonus: It looks like it’s pretty close to Chinatown too, so I could stop by Red Blossom tea afterwards.
@Hasufin - you were thinking of visiting Red Blossom some time soon, right?

OSHA Thai (I guess it’s really safe?) is right across Justin Herman Plaza from the Ferry Building.

That sounds good to me. I like Thai food. :slight_smile:

Y’all need to come down to San Diego.

Yes, I know it’s an 8 hour drive. :smile:

You say that as if you think 8 hours is a long drive. Eight hours is merely an annoyance. (For me, 300 miles is a short work day, 375 is typical and the work record is high enough to be illegal if I had a CDL.)

If I were employed and had money, I’d love to. Or you could drive up here. :wink:

It’s not the 8 hour drive. It’s the San Diego part.


Oohhhh, burn! LoL.
I had to be in San Diego a few days for work a couple years back. It wasn’t so bad.

I haven’t been to OSHA Thai in years, but I did enjoy it each time I went so I’m perfectly fine with that.


What’s so bad about San Diego?