Cleaning up notfications

In the latest updates here, an extra sign out link was added below the notifications area after you click on your avatar. How do I select “mark all as read” so that they’ll go away and the signout link will be visible without scrolling?

I had a blue flag next to my avatar to let me know I had unread replies… is that what you mean @RRabbit42?

It cleared when I opened the menu… no other action on my part.

Not exactly. I see the circle that shows the number of new messages, but when I click on the avatar and the list pops up that has “Profile” at the top, it shows as many notifications as will fit on the screen. In this case, 2 new ones highlighted in blue and 14 more. At the bottom is “view older notifications” and below that is “Log Out”.

What I’m asking for is how do I get rid of all the notifications so that when I click on the avatar, “Log Out” is at the top of the screen close to “Profile”?

I’m not sure that you can. From what I see, the notifications are a list that does not change. Like a call log on a phone - on most phones, AFAIK, you can’t delete calls from the log.

I see where you mean. I can see the Log Out button without scrolling, but I have a screen resolution of 1920 x 1080. The ones you haven’t visited are highlighted, but the rest still show up. I don’t think you can clear or change the number showing.

Mine shows a few, then says …view older notifications. Then there is the logout button.

Same here, plus the list is dynamic - it will be a different size if you change the window size and re-open the list.

No, you cannot be like me. I am a special snowflake with my disappearing topic dividers and older notification notification!!!

You are a unique individual… just like everyone else.

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Not sure if there’s a way to permanently dismiss seen notifications. I’ll find out.