Class reunions

So, someone I know added me to a Facebook group for my shudder 30 year highschool class reunion. I have skipped every reunion so far, and plan to skip this one, but it has brought up a lot of old memories, few of the pleasant. I’ve been tempted to reply that I’ll show up if they can find five people attending who a) remember me, b) actually want me there, and c) didn’t pick on me.

What about you guys? Do you have good memories of high school? Bad ones? Would you/have you gone to any of your reunions? How did they turn out?

I managed to be in Afghanistan for my 10-year. I still hope that we’ll have invaded somewhere requiring my presence in time for my 20 in 2016. Everyone I care to interact with from school (save one) is married to me. The one was the best man; I’d love to know where he is because he dropped off the freaking planet.

My 20-year is coming up in a few years - I gave the 10-year one a miss, and then caught up with one of my school friends the year after who said he only went because he thought I would go!

I get the feeling that the only ones there this time will be the members of the in-crowd (that I wasn’t a part of), but I have a few of my group on MyTwitFace… so we’ll see if I make this one.

I got an invite to my 10-year reunion (a long time ago now) but never went.

I was very tempted to send the invitation back marked “Deceased - Return to Sender”.

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I’m not entirely sure if my high-school class is even bothering with the whole ‘reunion’ crap, since this year should’ve been my 10-year…not like I would’ve gone anyway. Good riddance to most of those idiots.

Wow. Sounds like people here had as much fun in high school as I did. There were some nice people, but since they simply ignored me, I can’t say that I was close to any of them either. The nice ones are the ones who don’t seem to understand that I just don’t feel the need to go and hang out with a bunch of people who did a pretty good job of making me feel worthless in high school and a some maybe nice strangers.

I wasn’t part of the in crowd ,but I did have a cadre of friends, plus some not as close. Today, my four best friends have been since high school.

I went to my 10 and 20 year reunions. I had a good time; caught up with several folks from back in the day - secondary friends that I had lost touch with, a few girls that liked me when I was too oblivious/naive to notice. (“Seriously, doll, you should have said something at the time, not 20 years later, now that you’re married with kids.”)

At the 10 year, I saw the girl that I had a massive crush on in 8th grade. She still looked great, but a total mommy now.

At the 20 year, my favorite cheerleader, the redhead, was there with her girlfriend. Sigh.

I’m glad I went, but I still live in the area. If I lived out of state, I probably would not have traveled to attend.

To @Nabiki’s point, it did seem like the jerks either grew up some or just didn’t show. But if you aren’t going to see anyone that you considered a friend back then, I can see why you wouldn’t want to go.

With the advent of Facebook, a lot of the classes are organizing pre-reunion get-togethers at local bars, so they can see people from classes a year or two before/after. I haven’t gone to any yet, but one of my sisters has. She said that some people had a better time there than at the formal reunion.

I went to my 10 year. Most (maybe all?) of the jerks I hung around with in high school didn’t show, and I got to hang out with and talk to people who I didn’t get to talk to much in school but always wanted to. It was actually a pretty nice evening, very different from my high school experience.

And like @RoadRunner, at least one person I’d been interested in when we were in school was there with her girlfriend (oddly enough, I’d seen her the previous day at Best Buy shopping stereos to put in her Subaru with Vermont plates - hellooooo, stereotype! :smile: )

I didn’t make it to the 15 year, but it was pretty much renting out a big pavilion at a state park, grilling & hanging out with everyone & their growing families.

No talk about 20 yet, and it’s 2 years off.

It’s kind of funny that you mention your early interests now having girlfriends. The guy who’s arranging this whole reunion was my kindergarden through grade school crush. I believe he intends to marry his boyfriend when they can. He was one of the nice ones in high school that I didn’t have a lot of interaction with.

I went to my 10-year; my 20 is coming up in 2016. Shudder.

I can attest to what Joan Cusack’s character says in Grosse Pointe Blank: “It was as if everyone had swelled.” Same faces, just puffier.

Everyone at my 10-year was totally nice, even the folks who had been jerks when we were teenagers. Maturity fixes things on both sides of the table, too—in hindsight, I was a horrible conceited ass through most of high school, and I was probably pretty damn unapproachable because I thought I was a thousand times smarter than everyone.

I’m looking forward to my 20-year. Strangely, between graduation and the 10-year, it felt like centuries had passed; between the 10 and the 20, I think it’s going to feel like only minutes.

It looks like I’m in the minority. I loved high school, had a few issues but nothing major, and we all try to keep in touch. I’m friends with most people from high school through Facebook, and we all still talk to each other. And there were 380 of us! I know some of my friends had problems, but unfortunately I think it had more to do with their parents’ (over)involvement of things. I went to my 10yr, had a blast, and can’t wait for my 20th. I do think a big part of it stems from the fact that it was a small town, most of our parents went to high school together as well, and we only had 1 junior high and 1 high school, so we all spent a LONG time together.

I’m glad to see that someone here enjoyed their high school days. :slight_smile:

Strangest exchange (it wasn’t long enough to be called a conversation) at my reunion:

Him: You, uh, gained some weight since school
Me: Yeah, about 75 pounds
Him: It looks good on you

I went to my 10th and it was kind of lame. Everyone was trying to impress everyone else. I went to my 20th last year and it was much cooler. Everyone was way more relaxed, including the people who were douchebags to me back then. The 30th is too far in the future for me to give a shit about yet. :smile:

My 10 is next year, (oh noses, I’m dated now!) and I haven’t really popped into Facebook to find out if/when a reunion will occur.

High school was pretty good for me, compared to any other school experience. I’m tempted to go as it’d be nice to see where folks had ended up in there lives. My only fear is that it becomes are large pissing contest, “Oh I do $extravagant_job now.” or “Oh, I’m important because $insert_bullsh!t_here” and such. That aside, there are a lot of folks I think it’d be nice to connect with again, see if I can make any connections where it was . Problem is, most of the folks I met with and enjoyed the company with were either a year ahead or behind so they wouldn’t be there. I dunno, sitting on the fence for now.

I went to the 100th anniversary of my school, which was totally cool. I didn’t actually run into a lot of my grad year, but the ones I did were the ones who were nice to me in hs. One of the highlights, though, was running into the parents of a pair of kids I used to babysit for, who had also gone to my high school. Me: “Excuse me, you’re $parents_name, aren’t you. $parent (suspiciously): Yes? Me: I’m Lisa - I used to babysit $kid1 and $kid2”. Suddenly I’m engulfed in a hug as $parent says “ohmigod, it’s so great to see you again - tell me what’s been going on with you”.

I wasn’t popular in highschool (geeky, female Star Trek fan, female computer nerd) but I wasn’t a total outcast. I wouldn’t say I had a huge circle of friends, but people generally said hello to me - partially because I worked as a cashier in the cafeteria so everyone knew me, I think.

I’ve been to a couple of reunions for my class specifically and they were fun. I reconnected with one of my best friends, who lives close to me now, which was nice. I have to admit I went to the first one, in part, because I wanted to do the “hey, I’m doing great, so I’ll show all you popular crowd who shunned me” bit. Turns out a lot of the “popular crowd” have matured a lot.

Lee and P57, don’t feel bad - my 30th reunion is next year. I’m actually looking forward to it.

My 30th reunion is next year as well. :beers:

I kind of liked high school, My tenth reunion sucked because I was in the middle of a divorce.

Looking forward to the 25th actually. I did notice that the cliques still all there, and most of my friends were in other classes or not the type to do reunions.

There is an unofficial ‘reunion’ for my class and the years surrounding it every year the day after Christmas at a wine bar in Petaluma. I go every few years.I won’t be this year because my cousin is getting married…

As usual here, I found the various time-stamping and related comments about advancing years amusing. Yall have become like some sort of digitized, distantly-related extended geek family to me over the years, but relatively speaking, most of you are still cubs. (I’ve been out of high school longer than many of you have been alive.) :wink:

The 35th of my class was a few years ago, and the last known reunion was attempted as a multi-class event, because the organizers knew their audience well. I’m still in-state, though nearly 400 miles away. I still have immediate family in the area, but don’t get “home” often, so I went, hoping for the best. It wasn’t painful or awkward, just disappointing and dull. I was one of three attendees from my class…most of whom are still local to the incredibly small town (pop. 2100), and just had no interest in coming to spend an evening “reuniting” with a group of folks they see several times a week.