Chairs and chair reviews

My last two desk chairs didn’t last very long, so I spent a bit more and got this one.

A Black Friday sale on something I actually needed. Saved $100 off normal retail. Who’da thunk?

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I has one similar to that (from staples I think, but this would have been about 15 years ago, maybe more) and it worked well. Make sure all the bolts are tightened and stay tightened.

It broke on me one morning before work. Kind of embarrassing having a chair break when you sit on it.

My current chair is from ikea and is wearing well.

I think I have exactly the same chair. It’s been at least 10 years now, and I need to replace it because the ‘leather’ is flaking off. I mean, at that price of course it’s vinyl.
Still, it’s a good chair and still operational. I may steal the wheel support for something else.

I need to replace my chair at some point. I had bought a gaming chair off Amazon a couple years ago, but the gas piston in it is shot so I’m using an old high-backed office chair I got many more years ago currently.

I’m wondering if I can get a suitable replacement gas piston that’ll hold my weight and just replace that…

I’d like to replace my chair but I can’t justify spending that kind of money on something I’ll use so little.

I generally laugh at the fancy ‘gaming chairs’ but my team went to an off-site with a vendor who had a special classroom with really nice gaming chairs in them. The ones that look kind of like luxury sports car seats, you know?

They’re comfortable and do provide a bit better support. I might consider one if I moved and had a dedicated ‘office’ like we’ve talked about.

Are they worth 2-3… even 10 times the price of a cheap from Staples or Ikea? I’m not sure really. But I can’t mock someone else if they do want one.

I also sit weird admittedly. Right now I’m sitting crosslegged in my armless desk chair. Sometimes it’s just what I feel like, sometimes it’s so the dog can jump in my lap. It’s one reason I skipped chairs with arms last time.

Here’s my Ikea chair, although they had it in red when I got it. Red somehow became our ‘accent color’ for the basement office/studio area:

Yeah, I did too. Until I got one.

All the cheaper chairs I have had in the past have had issues. The back wouldn’t stay up, the gas shocks would slowly go down, the seat tilt mechanism would give up. The longest I went without problems was about 6 months, other times it was as little as a month. I would then live with the broken chair for a year or so before replacing it.

So when lockdown was imminent and it looked like I would be working from home for an extended period I decided to bite the bullet and get a good chair.
I don’t regret it for a second.
The chair is designed for someone 1.5 times my weight so I have no issues with the shocks slowly deflating. The back is all one piece so no issues with that staying up. And it’s comfortable. Very comfortable. I get up and move around every hour or so, and at the end of the day the chair is still comfortable.
The only issue is the size - it’s enormous (when my daughter is sitting in it you can’t actually tell she is there from behind). My office isn’t huge and it has 2 PCs side-by-side. Getting out of the chair when there is someone sitting next to you is a bit of an art form.

The one @MikeP links to has the advantage of being available in less obnoxious designs. I have some of my ‘fun’ stuff showing on work calls, I really don’t want a chair that advertises for Overwatch or whatever when I’m on work calls. (Also, I don’t play Overwatch. If they made a Planescape: Torment chair I might be tempted, for example.)

Size is a valid concern. I stick to the smaller ‘task chair’ because I do wheel it over to where I paint minis and such. My office area is kind of cluttered.

I ordered chairs for Christmas for the boys and I. With built-in speakers so maybe I won’t have to hear their stupid games :joy:. And also bc I do alot of webinars for continuing education on my computer and the speakers on my monitor aren’t great. I didn’t get super expensive ones, but it had pretty good reviews and was on sale on Amazon so I splurged. A little.

Too bad I have to wait until they get theirs to use mine. :confounded:

Do we need a separate chair discussion?

Probably not a bad idea…

Fine, make me split the topic. :stuck_out_tongue:


So far I’m liking this chair. The old one had mostly plastic parts. This one has metal parts for a lot of the things that broke/wore out on the old one so I’m optimistic it will last longer.

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Yeah, metal beats plastic for anything load bearing most of the time.

We have three chairs in the OfficeStudio:

  • My “throne” desk chair, which is a pretty basic but study ‘task chair’ (so no arms)
  • A kind of ‘meh’ plastic-toped desk chair. Not super comfortable, but it’s mainly used at my wife’s sewing machine.
  • an actual rolling stool. I kind of like this: If we move I wouldn’t mind making it mine for painting and such. I’d get a couple more if we had the space. My wife hates it, but its over on her side for occasional use.

I have the same Ikea chair but with arms and I like it. I’ve spent almost $200 before for a nice chair that sat too hot and I was glad when it wore out so this time I went cheap but comfortable.

I’ve had this one on my Amazon wish list for a while…

I don’t remember it saying “Massage” when I added it, and it was a few buck cheaper, but still more affordable than many. But, I’ve had other priorities, so a new chair has had to wait. I did replace the chairmat when I rearranged my computer room - I would like to call it a home office, but my work laptop is still setup at a desk in the kitchen, so that wouldn’t be terribly accurate.

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That one looks very similar to the (somewhat cheap) one I bought from Amazon a couple years ago. Didn’t have the “massage” but from looking at it it looks like that’s just a vibrating module in the lower lumbar-support pillow.

Decent-ish as a chair, though mine kinda leans to one side and (as previously mentioned) the gas piston is dying, but not terrible.


I considered buying one of those gaming chairs but the ones I saw were only rated to 275 pounds (talk about not knowing your market). I don’t weigh quite that much but I am north of 200 so it was a concern. The one I got is rated up to 400 pounds.

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I think that’s my problem with the gas piston on mine, I’m a smidge over the normal 275 most of them are rated for…

I was looking at a SecretLab chair but those’re expensive and it’s also a “order now, get it in 3 months” kinda deal, which my impatience is not helpful in dealing with :smiley: