Certification prep software

I’ve been put in charge of the test prep software and the one we have is… awful. The test banks are okay, but upgrading them costs more than we have in the budget, and the client itself is unstable and buggy.

Does anyone here know of a good (preferably free or very low cost) resource for certification prep tests? I’m looking for something where the students can take practice tests that are very similar to various certification tests.

I hope we get something better soon, like you said the bank of questions inst bad, but with how buggie and non-functioning in some of the rooms(yours especially) it would be good to get a new program. It actually has a big problem running almost all the sims in all the labs ( that ive seen).

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We’ve been using Trancenders here for a while now, but their practice exams are nothing like the real exams. I’m not sure where to go next. Has anyone done any studying for certification exams and used any of the practice exams out there that were useful? I’m not looking for free ones, just good ones.

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I’ve heard good things about Boson’s tests?

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I’m scheduled to re-take my Security+ in about 2 weeks (I forgot to submit CE credits) I’ve been using CertMasters to brush up. I could probably take the thing cold but I want to just do it and get it over with the first time. The questions seem pretty on the nose.

So for anyone thinking of taking the 501 Security+, it’s changed a lot since I took the 301. It is now almost entirely policy based. There was one question about ports out of 90. I think because this is now an almost required certificate for working on a government system, they’ve tilted the questions so that non-technical people (i.e. managers) can actually pass.

And yeah, I passed.