Categories View changed?

Did the latest update change the way the Categories view works? It used to show blocks for each category and the last few active topics in each, now it seems like it’s more of a traditional forum view with the added drop-down to move between them at the top, which just takes you to a Latest view filtered to that category.

Yeah, it did—one of the recent updates added an option to do that, so I flipped it on. I can flip it back if you guys prefer it the other way.

I was just curious, as I’ve been using the Latest view more as of late. I just happened to be clicking around and noticed the change.

I suppose the voices of the masses will chime in before long.

Not a bad change, but I have to say I rather like the change of scenery that the blocked view provided. But, as @e4tmyl33t mentioned, I tend to use the Latest view, anyway.

Have you noticed the category dropdown list in the Latest view? You can view latest by category!

I do now that you’ve told me. Cool beans!