Can auto-start of videos be disabled?

As an example, Woodman embedded two Kickstarter videos in “What made you happy.”

I really dislike ANY video or music auto-playing, but since he embedded two, they BOTH started playing.

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I would generally agree. Not piling on Woodman, I just hate auto-playing video. :smile:

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I didn’t see anything in the settings or user preferences. @Lee_Ars?

You can disable flash player (not a bad idea in any case given all the security issues).
Chrome instructions

go to firefox/tools > addons > plugins and set shockwave flash to ask to activate. then the plugin will stay disabled per default but can be activated on a per-site basis…

Yeah, that’s more an issue of where is the video hosted and what the hosting service has by default. Some flash player ads will auto-start, some don’t.

There wouldn’t be a setting here, because nothing here causes it to autoplay.

I have NoScript, so videos don’t play unless I allow the scripts, but I’m still thinking there should be a setting somewhere on the board for it.

This isn’t a discourse setting—it’s a browser setting and/or a video service setting. All discourse does is embed the remote video, complete with its control window and its control window’s behavior.

I’d recommend a plugin that globally disables autoplay for both flash and html 5 video. I use flashblock on Firefox; I’m sure there are others.

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I just knew there had to be a reason I registered to a site full of mainly IT folks.

That and we’re all super-humanly virile.

Aren’t you all glad I posted that so we could have that conversation? I meant to link the same page as teh first one on all three. Then when it linked the movies I was like meh, got other things to do. .

No offense, Woodman, but would you mind editing that post? The videos restart every time we go to that thread.

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I edited it.

The phrase I hate to say in real life because it makes me feel like I have a speech impediment.