Buying a new car?


Well, now that I’ve completed my house refi and quitclaim, and got my contract under control, the next step is buying a new car. What an adventure. I remembered what Nabiki said about a car buying service, so I’ve reached out to my credit union. Also went to the closest dealer to figure out exactly what I want. Which I now have nailed down. Now I guess it’s waiting until I’m mentally ready to pull the trigger and start playing the negotiation game. Not sure how much wiggle room I’ll have but hopefully some. :woman_shrugging:


If you’re lucky and your credit union is like mine, you won’t have to deal with the bargaining at all. Your credit union will do it for you. :slight_smile: Best advice? Be prepared to walk away, even if it’s the car you want.


Yeah, I don’t regret dealing with my credit union for my last purchase.


Best negotiating advice ever. If you can’t walk away then their price actually isn’t too high. They’ve done their job pricing it right.


Stick with the AMG option. It really is worth it in my opinion.


I have to check to see if my car has the lane departure and assist features, but I wouldn’t use them right now even if it did. There’s so much constuction going on in the area I drive through the most that the painted line stripes are more of a suggestion than defining each lane.