Buying a new car?


The county I’m in does mandate a small amount of ethanol, which may disagree with some vehicles (mostly older ones). A friend had a weird Chinese motorcycle that had been rebuilt with some components that melted due to the ethanol content.


E10 everywhere in New York, all the time. It gummed up my snowblower a couple winters ago - small engines do not like Ethanol.

I buy my small engine gas down at the marina now, Ethanol-free, but it’s 93 octane and the engines don’t love that either (they want 87). It’s a 45 minute round trip to get 87 that’s Ethanol-free AFAIK.


We only have 93, 95 and hi-octane here in ZA. And diesel.

My Rolla will happily run on any grade fuel, as long as it is 93 and it can be either leaded or lead-free.

Haven’t seen 87-grade since y2k happened. Surprised that you can still get it in the US of A

Not sure whether ethanol-based fuels will be introduced here, but I think a lot of the local taxis will hate it :smile:


93 is high-octane here. I don’t see anything higher. Unless there’s some weird metric/Imperial oddity and the rating system is different.

My current ride is a Mini and it’s good on gas… But I have to put expensive stuff in. I think the manual recommends 91 or greater, so 93 is my usual.


@Ook, 87 is the standard here in the USA. It’s what I put in my car. Some higher end vehicles want 91. We also have 89.


America and the “rest of the world” use different octane ratings that are almost-but-not-quite compatible. America has “MON” - Motor Octane Number and everyone uses “RON” - Relative(?) Octane Number.

I don’t know what the conversion factor between MON and RON is, sadly.


I’m guessing it involved some sort of “MO-RON” conversion.


[Golf clap]

Very well done, sir!


For the lawn equipment, I get the stabilized, ethanol-free fuels at Lowes, Home Depot, or WalMart (when they have it). It is more expensive, like markedly so, but the equipment runs sooo much better on it. Like the mower starting on the first or second pull after sitting for a couple weeks… or several.


Yeah, I bought a can of that stuff at Lowe’s once in desperation to get the snow blower back on its feet. I’d end up spending a couple hundred bucks a year that way though.


I usually only use one or two of the smaller (pint?) cans of mixture fuel per year, for the weed eater & chainsaw, and two (maybe three) gallon cans for the mower. Sometimes the small cans of 4 cycle go on clearance at Walmart, for no apparent reason, so I’ll snatch them up. It is waaay more expensive, but everything runs so much better on it.


I buy it, but only for my leaf blower. It gets used a few times a year, so it will sit half full for a while at a time. And it’s already a bitch to start. And it’s like a 10:1 mix or some weird shit.


So my current vehicle is a death trap and its time to get a newer car, im looking at used cars this weekend. Is there anything you wish you knew when you went to buy a car from a dealer ship?


Don’t! Only buy a new car from a dealership. They will hard sell you, take advantage of you, etc.

With that said, don’t be afraid to go in and look at the cars that they have, but don’t let them sell you anything. If you find one that you like, go to Redwood Credit Union, and use their car broker service and tell them what you found and where. I would start with RCU, to be honest. They will find you the car you want in the price range that you want, and they won’t rip you off.


Good to know. I found a prius i really want. I cant get the dealer to come down in price.


Then walk away. You’ll find something else.


My current car is not doing well, as in may crap out in the next few days.


Don’t forget to check craiglist too. That’s where I found my '97 Honda Civic (back in 2003) for below blue book price.

RCU sounds like your best bet.


Ill check around!


Bought a Jeep Renegade yesterday. I looked at Wranglers, still missing my old one, but couldn’t justify it as I think it’d be a worse fit for my commute.

I did get the ‘Trailhawk’ variant, which is the fun version. Got it used, but low mileage and relatively recent.