Building a PC

How do we do this in 2020?

I intend to build a budget gamer PC for Siglet Secundus in the next few months; I will inherit his machine, which I originally rebuilt for my own use as a budget gamer about 4 years ago. (It’s had a video card upgrade in the last year.) I think I’m going to wait for the Ryzen 3 3300x CPU and the associated new B550 chipset motherboards to start becoming available, but other than that I’ve not really decided on much.

While I wait for that, I need to replace the case his current computer is in; we have had it since shortly before Siglet Primus was born in early 2008, and it’s showing its age. (All of the ports in the front are busted, for one.) What’s a decent budget case these days? (This is the motherboard that has to fit.)

What are the sites we use to figure out the answers to these questions?

A lot of it depends on how much RGB you want, I think. I use Amazon, NewEgg and PCPartsPicker when I’ve built stuff. For the latter it can help ‘sanity check’ decisions.

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I love this page.

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Just built my wife a computer. Can’t recommend PCPartPicker enough. Also, highly recommend NZXT cases. I just find them to be well-built and easy to work with.


For cases I like the BitFenix Prodigy line aesthetically, but I have no idea how horrible they are to work with. May not be intended for ATX boards.

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I’ll keep this in mind. I found another computer tucked away in a closet and thought, hey, this should work for some of the Windows stuff I want to do.

No. It either failed because it was sitting off too long or because it’s showing solidarity for the other computer that decided to shuffle off the mortal coil. Either that, or it’s on strike because there’s a Linux computer in the house now.

After a bunch of reading and soul-searching (because I worry about this stuff way more than it really warrants), I went with the NZXT H510 to replace our old case. We’ll see how it goes when it arrives.