Browser Preferences?

So… Browser recommendations? I’m currently using Chrome for everything possible on my work laptop (Windows 7) and I feel like it may be part of the reason this machine has gotten so slow of late. I use IE for ‘official’ stuff, as it’s the only thing many ancient systems I have to use can interact with, but prefer a secondary browser for current stuff (as some sites, like, don’t like IE in places!).


At work:

  • Chrome for non-work site/systems
  • Firefox for our internal ticket system & one vendor’s ticket system
  • IE for internal sites & another vendor’s ticket system


  • Safari unless I have no other choice

Firefox at work.

Chrome at home because I don’t know. It was just on there at some point. Firefox on the laptop though.

Silk on my Kindle Fire.

Chrome on my phone.

Chrome wherever I can. But that basically boils down to the Evernote Chrome plugin is better than the Firefox one as it can save PDF’s on the fly. I read somewhere (that I can’t find now) that Mozilla is going to be drifting towards using Chrome’s programming. You’re supposed to soon be able to use Chrome add-ons in Firefox.

Not to start a flame war, but Edge isn’t horrible on Windows 10 IMO. I think it still needs work though.

I rather like Safari, Apple’s gradual improvement system has matured it into a relatively efficient browser that doesn’t get in the way of anything, except that deviantart plugins don’t work - but they’re more or less entirely Mozilla scripts so that’s reasonable. When Safari was first released I used Firefox - early versions of Safari were cataclysmically awful - but I made the switch permanently in 2011 when I got this MacBook Pro.

Firefox trumps Chrome for me on Windows. Rather bizarrely, it always seems faster and more responsive even though I know it’s not the most clean-running. It’s like that old diesel 4x4 that keeps on going compared to the Prius that always has something wrong with it. That said, I agree with @Darktan… Edge is … nice. It might be a little odd and quirky but I like it, which is something I could never say for any version of Internet Explorer ever… especially since my first exposure to IEx was on my PowerMac 6200 running OS8… ugh. Well, I got the diskettes for free so I thought I’d better try it before I binned it.

I don’t own any Linux machines, and when I use my friends I use whatever browser they already had on there. So that’s not really a fair comparison. On other machines, say my old PowerMac 6200 which lives in the closet, that’s running Classzilla - but the modem card is fried at the minute so it can’t network anymore. My fiancé’s Acorn (aww :cry: ) RiscStation would have NetSurf on it but he’s not played around with it much since it was moved to a new case (an old Dell case, who would have thought an Acorn mobo would fit standard casing?) and had the system disk wiped.

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Safari is, in some ways, the new IE. it only gets significant updates to features/compatibility annually, vs. the 6 week cycle of improvement that Chrome & Firefox enjoy. I think it’s too early to see where Edge falls on this spectrum, but it’s in MS’s interest to be closer to the “many updates per year” cadence than the “annual if you’re lucky” schedule.

This is true, but they do seem to be handling the situation smoother than Microsoft did. When there is a bugfix, or security patch, it’s rapidly on the heels of the initial bug or security report. Microsoft would pump out small updates regularly but never got the hang of jumping on bug reports all that quickly, at least not until IEx 9. If Apple are taking that as a starting point, then it has that one-up on IEx.

Which isn’t much of a one-up when you consider it :stuck_out_tongue:

I use Safari at home (with others for testing web stuff and such). Reasonably happy with it. I don’t like it being compared to IE as I don’t think there’s nearly as many web apps that were designed for Safari first and break horribly on everything else anymore. It’s not like the peak IE enjoyed where it felt like they had 80% of the market for browsers. Safari’s only real edge is on mobile, and it’s certainly not dominant there.

I think I opened this thread due to frustration because my work laptop (which is basically email, web, ssh, and 1-2 VNC-type apps open at any time) was running ridiculously slow yesterday on my first day back. Only thing I can think of is the backup service, but it was so slow I couldn’t lock the machine. Malwarebytes scan (using a fresh install) came back clean, so I don’t think it’s malware.

Firefox for posting here and weatherunderground both at home and work. Chrome for a few other things. I only use IE for testing our report server at work. Beyond that, I’m worried about myself because I’m finding it very difficult to give up Opera. I still run a version 12 copy for most things. It’s the only thing that works on our ticket system without getting hung up and on which all the “features” work properly. The security rules at work have a hard time screwing it up trying to force a home page on it. It’s certainly more robust than the other browsers, but it chews up a lot of memory, so I need to find something else. Does anyone know if Netscape is still available?

Netscape was killed off 15 years ago.

The police believe it was a mob hit.

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I still have a copy, and the box it came in. I think it says, “Works with Windows 95!”


I have copies of Netscape for both Mac and Windows if you want a copy? You’ll need a diskette drive though :wink:

I use Safari for pretty much everything. About the only thing it fails at is accessing Google Drive, so I swap across to Chrome.

I’d love to see Apple’s CyberDog (anyone else remember that?) re-released and upgraded for modern OSs. And I want a rainbow-farting unicorn, too.

I’ve had minimal trouble w/ Safari & GDrive. And I’ve been using it a lot lately for spreadsheets & forms.

I was trying to download a file from my GDrive account and Safari reported a redirect loop or some other malarky. Chrome went straight in there and got the file for me. shrug

I haven’t tried Google’s Office apps (Docs, Sheets, and their PowerPoint thing (Slides?)) with Safari.

Yeah, I remember getting out of college (where it was free for educational users, I believe) and then getting a corporate job and being amazed that it was even a question on the new-hire form for a highly network-based business.

I used Opera Mini on my old cellphone, because the Sprint browser was pure crap. There were websites it couldn’t render, and it didn’t like the Blackberry-style keyboard.

I wish AVG would stop telling me that Chrome isn’t being used, while I am using Chrome.

Ah, I never do that w/ Safari as I have GDrive synced to my Mac so there’s no need.

I tried using the Mac GDrive client, and it didn’t seem to work right, so I dropped it. To my eyes, DropBox gives better integration.

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