Brain Disengaged

On the subject of not always thinking…

One of the staff noticed that it was taking a while for me cook breakfast. I explained that the potatoes were taking a while to cook. She responded with “well, if they’re hot, it doesn’t matter if they are cooked all the way through.”

I then had to explain to her that not cooking potatoes all the way through can be very bad, as the (admittedly small) traces of poisons are onlky destroyed when they are cooked thoroughly. It took far too long to explain this to her.

She then expressed concern that potato salad would then be dangerous. I replied that one cooks the potatoes before adding them to potato salad.

She said:

But potato salad isn’t hot when you eat it.

There are just times where you want to say to somebody, “I know your mouth just said it, but I don’t think your brain did.”



But I’ve also eaten raw potatoes. And I’ve tried to cook something on the stove and gotten pissed off only to be told that the burner isn’t on.

That’s assuming the person actually has a brain. On the evidence given I’m not sure that’s the case.

Well, a brain is a given, or else they would not be living.

A mind however…

Plants have autonomous responses to external stimuli.
Just saying.


Is the lady in question a manager of anything?

She certainly has the qualifications to be one. If she has ITIL certification, she’ll fit right in at my ex-work.

No, she works the front desk at my building. Not much more than a receptionist.

Well, of course. That means she is the source and font of all wisdom and knowledge.

I don’t see that font in Word. Can you post an example?

Dang it. That one must have gotten corrupted when I upgraded.

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I think it’s downloadable from Adobe, for a (large) fee.

I got it from a bitTorrent.

Would sir care for a virus with that font?

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You don’t have to call me sir, God of All Creation will suffice.