Board upgrade!

Now running on Discourse 1.3, which adds a bunch of stuff, in case anyone is curious about new features we could conceivably turn on!

Polls remain a little complicated, but they’re still done in messages via tags rather than through the composer UI. Not sure if I really like that, but at least it makes the composer UI easy!

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Nick Burns should still not be allowed to do polls. :smile:

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I do like sorting the all time user list. It seems I’m on top of the read list with 9.2K. :smiley:

The new poll system seems okay to me. Yeah, we don’t have a separate editor for doing that, but this way is cleaner, as far as I can see.

Stats are lame. I’m not number 1 on anything at all.

Top 20 lurker all the way.

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Geez. I need a hobby.

I got a new hobby!! Killing customers who come through my line at H-Mart!! OH yeah!! ~wanders in, does a little dance, wanders out~

Oh no. The @SuicidalRat has been sighted! Please move your daughters and loose cash to a secure location immediately.

Woo!! I’m also here for your donkeys!!! IN STOCKINGS!! (Psst, both me and the donkey in stockings!! LIFE IS AWESOME!!!)

I believe this is the first time I’ve topped a list on any forum over the years.

Why am I a cheese weasel?

EDIT: When you reply to a topic and go back to the main view it shows that a topic has been updated, and it’s the one you just posted in. Started doing that yesterday.

It’s not the daughters you need to protect from Ratty, CWX, it’s their shoes… :wink:

Not a cheese weasel, but the Cheese Weasel! Because that is what you put for your real name. I think you did that back when Discourse started sending emails when someone replied to one of your posts.

It has been doing the phantom topic updates for a while for me. At least, I have for sure noticed it on my work computer when running/accessing with Firefox.

Did we ever find out if he tested positive for space herpes?

Hah, I totally forgot about that!

Aaaand version 1.4 is out.

No space herpes! Yay!! Shoes and invisible bottled water for everybody!!! Just kidding, I uh, had to put the shoes away. They were very naughty!!!

Hi everybody!! ~Waves~