Blagging of equipment

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Wow… $40k is a LOT… just show you, you can’t let your guard down, not especially with expensive equipment.

Colleague had to relocate a server with sensitive information (he didn’t want to divulge just what specifically) - he enlisted the services of a couple of bodyguards to assist in protecting the server during transit.

Better safe than sorry. Nothing happened anyway.

I thought it was hilarious when they admitted that parking lot has had a lot of robberies lately, but they will be cracking down in time for the sports event.

I’m sure other people who use that parking lot are feeling very reassured right now.

Yup, when I’ve transported kit before there’s been one key rule - never leave it unattended. Need to stop for a break, somebody stays with the vehicle. Going to get lunch/dinner, somebody stays with the vehicle.

Thankfully I never transported anything overnight - if it was going that far then a courier would be used :wink:

some interesting things in the KPCB Internet Trends report:

  • 22% of breaches reported by network security decision makers involve lost/stolen devices
  • 69% of breaches, victim did not detect attack on own - they were notified by third parties

I wonder how many manglers are aware of this. Then again, most manglers think that their company/department/office/nephew is in the top 100% of everything, that somehow they can dodge every bullet imaginable.

Somebody needs to tell them that they are not Keanu Reeves.

Yup, not helped by the 2 primary camps that are talking about network security. One insists that if you’re not a defence contractor or government agency, nobody cares about you. I’ve sat in talks where “experts” have stated that nobody in the audience was a target, despite at least half the companies represented being victims or targets of nation state or criminal attackers. Then there’s the other group that insists that the world is on fire already.

It’s hard getting past both of those blinkered views to get people to understand that reality falls somewhere between, and that you can’t do much to control how much of a target you are.


Okay, now you’re just being silly.


Yeah, one day I’ll learn that far too many people aren’t speaking to be helpful but to make themselves sound good.


So you know all the people I used to work with, too?