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Inherited $site a couple of days ago.

Changed the administrator password (windoze box).

Immediately, the next day, the whole financial department complained that their Pastel accounting software doesn’t work, and that their mapped network drives also doesn’t work.

When I checked it, it seems that :

  1. The SQL database’s startup settings was set up to log in with the administrator account, but because the password got changed, it didn’t start up.
  2. All the financial lusers logged in with the administrator’s credentials :angry:

The server already is set up as a domain controller (windows 2008) so all I did was just to make sure that $_financial_lusers had an account, and that it’s active, then created a new financials usersgroup, assigned permissions etc to the correct folders, and logged their machines in under the new usernames. (Machines isn’t joined to the domain… that’s a headache (and ballache) for another day).

$Boss and $Boss_Boss also got some flak from that today, so they will not be impressed with my report…

They can be glad nobody got infected with the cryptolocker crap.

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Having a cryptolocker infected desktop rampaging across a shared drive is… “interesting”… to recover from!

“interesting”, as in impossible? :wink:

“Interesting” as in “Go back to our last known good backup and restore that over the top of everything that’s changed since.”

I don’t know how much work was lost. I don’t really care either.

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Yes… so “interesting” almost does equal “impossible” if said last good backup is weeks (or years!!) old… like it was with $HR_manager when her laptop was stolen a couple of weeks ago.

Got a backup drive. Partitioned for every day of the week.

And the backups are zipped. So if cryptolocker happens, then we can recover something at least.

Until cryptolocker comes with zip support… in which case I’ll need to enable the option to add a password to zip files in the backup software (syncback).

Being admin and having to do backups sucks, especially if you haven’t got a PFY or a tape monkey.

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