Bedtime, morning time, and getting old


Totally understand. I don’t get to pick when someone downloads porn onto a work computer or tries to exfiltrate data. My sympathies and I’ll keep my fingers crossed that you still get out at a decent time! :slight_smile:


Same with California. Last place you’d want to be during a quake, really. :slight_smile:


I will gladly trade my basement for In n Out burger, please and thank you. In fact, if anyone wants to take Fargo, ND weather off my hands as well, that would be amazeballs.


I’ll swap you one month of your winter if you promise to swap all of August and September.

You guys would like 60 days of rain, right?


I’m sure California would LOVE all that rain. I can’t promise anyone would be able to drive in it worth a damn lol

The low here a couple of nights ago was like -20 (without the wind chill). Winters here are… unpleasant.


Nope, nope, nope… So much nope.

Your April or May is like our January/February.


Don’t you just love it when the snot freezes inside your nose?


It’s funny—being born and raised in Houston (and with extended family in Florida), I was in my twenties before I actually set foot into a house that had a basement, and that was during a visit to the Chicago area. Anything other than house-on-slab or house-on-stilts-for-flooding is unheard of down here.


Yes we would love the rain but the drainage sucks in most areas so that would create other problems. No, people wouldn’t be able to drive in it.

It was 34 degrees when I left for work this morning and I had frost on the roof and rear window of my car. I was irritated but the only time I’ve been in -20 was the ice cream freezer at the grocery store I worked at when I was 20. I can’t imagine just walking outside into that.


@sig and I turn 40 this month, and while he’s a morning person because of work, I’ve found it’s harder to sleep later than 6 or 7am, regardless of when I go to sleep at night. But I find it difficult to go to sleep any earlier than 11 or 11:30 most nights, because I’m decompressing from the day and I’m enjoying the silence.

Much of my early waking in the past few months is the fault of my %$#*&ing 17.5-year-old cat, who has lost all volume control and meows loudly enough to wake me at least once an hour from about 2 or 3am onward, and yells at my husband when he gets up at 5am to FEED HER RIGHT NOW DAMMIT, even if there’s food in her bowl (she’s been a free-feeder her entire life, but can’t chew kibble anymore and now has to eat canned food on a schedule).

Part of me is not going to miss her when she passes on, because that part will finally be getting a full night’s sleep for the first time in months…


My sleeping patterns are also shifting. Some of it is from being on call and having to leave the phone on. Quite a few emails tend to show up at 4 a.m. because they’re being written from our main offices which are on the east coast and they probably figure everyone will see it an hour later when they get to work. Problem is the email program we use on our phones doesn’t have a separate notificaiton setting. Same noise whether it’s an email or a text. Depending on when it happens, there may be no point in trying to get back to sleep.

The effect is that I get tired earlier in the evening, which makes me want to go to sleep earlier. But with six hours being the maximum I’m able to sleep at any given time (seven if I’m lucky), if I’m in bed at 9, I’d be up again at 3. Some of the places I support when I’m on call start their graveyard shift at 11 p.m.

Getting less fun as it goes along. At least I’m not in an apartment any more so I don’t have to worry about disturbing the neighbors if I’m moving around late at night.


I hear a rumor my sleep patterns might improve. In a couple months.


Over the last two years I appear to have morphed from needed at least nine hours sleep to coping just fine with five and a bit. This shift also coincided with when we gave up smoking for the second time, and somehow managed to not put on weight this time. Why is my metabolism twenty years older than the rest of me? :laughing:


I am getting tired of getting tired so early. It makes it feel like I’m not getting as much time off from work because I’m just dragging in the evening and I don’t want to do anything.


I’m not a morning person, and dislike getting out of bed early. So why is my internal alarm clock waking me up early? Every. Single. Morning. Including weekends.