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I’m looking for recommendations for a leather messenger/travel bag. It has to be smart enough that I can use it for work (with suit and tie) and hard wearing enough to survive a daily commute that will include trains and the London Underground. It doesn’t however need to be terribly big - the biggest thing I expect it to hold is an A4 notebook. I expect it’ll normally hold a tablet, Kindle, notebook (paper, not laptop), a battery pack to keep the mobile and tablet topped up and a small umbrella (and various other odds and sods).

I like the look of the Visconti bags, but the reviews warn of the die rubbing off…

My Saddleback Leather thin brief continues to be basically the greatest thing I’ve ever bought. No die, no zippers, no bullshit. Just thick, beautiful, incredible-to-touch leather. And every little scratch it gets makes it look more awesome.


Peeking inside:

Contents removed:

MBA in sleeve with charger and adapters, Kindle, couple of notepads, pens, laser pointer, and business cards and a few other odds and ends.

Love. Love love love love.

Ha, I already replied on the other forum–and pointed toward Saddleback.

I would hate to buy one, though, just because I’d have to be constantly explaining to people that while I make leather goods, I didn’t make that particular leather good.

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You forgot “looks classy as hell.”

Thanks, those look nice - not cheap, but pretty much what I’m after.

Very nice! @Lee_Ars

I’m finally buying a piece of Saddleback swag. My wife wants a wallet from them. And I think I’m getting her a purse from there for Christmas if I can swing it.

Then I need to decide between the briefcase, satchel, and the backpacks for me for next year.

I have that saddleback. Biggest problem with it is … it’s too small. Otherwise, I do like it. How often do you switch your’s into backpack mode?

Never had occasion to bother trying backpack mode. I use it exclusively as a brief.

I never heard whether you had gotten one yet, but this one popped up because the company was doing a review program. It’s not as expensive as the Saddleback, and it has more room as far as I can see.

I haven’t gotten mine yet, but I think I’ll wait for the Saddleback version. It’s totally a vanity purchase for me, thinking that if I buy this tough ass bag I’ll start going places where I’ll need a tough ass bag.

OTOH, once I beat cancer I am traveling more. We’ve been talking about it for ages but I’ve been so tired all the time. I swear sometime next year I am dumping the kids on someone and we are jumping on a plane with like one bag between the two of us. To God knows where.

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Let me know if you do decide to do it, I can suggest places. Or you can get a subscription to Afar or the National Geographic’s Travel magazine. While some of the places are pricey as hell, the articles are great as idea-starters.

But let your doctors know you are thinking of travelling, so they can make sure you know any issues that might be involved, health-wise.

And stay away from Ethiopian food.

Ping, dude.

hah, my wife has her bag and we have a Saddle Back duffel bag now.

We went to Michigan two months ago, next week is a stay cation to do the Kitchen, since my daughter isn’t in Florida anymore and we were going to visit them.

I’m planning multiple 2-3 day trips we can just head off to at the drop of a hat, some I’ll plan with my wife, some I’ll just spring on her. We’ve committed to camping more, some locally to get our feet wet again, and then I want to take a real camping trip next fall. We need to purchase all new camping gear. I’d like to get a pop-up, but I might settle for a cabin tent.

Apparently if you are super flexible you can fly for under $100 a person to Denver, Las Vegas, and a couple other places. And I’ve spent quite a bit of time looking into running out west delivering a rental camper.

Next step is to get passport for me and sprout, that will open up some places up north which are just beautiful and cool, when it’s sweltering down here.

Main hitch is gathering the illicit funds to do something crazy without my wife knowing about it.

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