Bad tech support war stories


I figured this is a good place to start tech support war stories.

Last week, my source for television shows,, stopped loading videos. I did some troubleshooting on my own (doublechecked NoScript blockage, AdBlock, Ghostery, cleared cached & cookies, etc) before sending a request to tech support.

Their response? Install Chrome. I wrote them back asking if that was seriously the only option, since I don’t particularly like Chrome, and I don’t want to install another browser on my machine. That was three days ago, and they haven’t answered me.

Seriously? That’s the extent of your tech support? Is their site so poorly written that it only works with one browser?


We’re dealing with a new mandatory app at work that only works well in IE. In 2018!

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Yay for braindead IE!

I hate programs who still insists that you install flash or Java - then you have issues trying to run that in a modern browser…


We have an app here that must be run in IE and will break if you update your Java past the version that’s on our image. Great job, guys.


I had to deal with that for really old versions of CallManager. Ended up maintaining a jump box used for admin tasks.

(And, yes: CallManager is web-based for most admin tasks. The web pages used embedded java not javascript for pagers for lists, which is basically 75% of the interface._


I started working for a major luxury retailer about nine months ago implementing their new payroll system. I figured, given these guys’ reputation for high-end, quality products, that their back office systems should be pretty good, right?

I think the newest of the systems (excluding our new payroll system, which went in on time and on budget, thankyouverymuch) is about 15 years old.


lol!!! 15 years! That’s ancient in IT time :slight_smile:


When we lose SAN connectivity for 5 seconds at almost exactly the same time, 2 days in a row, and I have to reset hundreds of VMs, AND your Hitachi tech had his hands in both times … I’m gonna get a bit pissy.


Can I interest Sir in a qualitay cattleprod, used only once?

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