Atari VCS console

Going the same way as the Vega+ - namely vapourware by the looks of things.

Was this one ‘All the old games’ in the vein of the NES Classic and similar, or one of the ones promising to be a modern-ish game console, too?

I feel like the ‘nostalgia’ aspect of Atari games could wear thin quickly if that’s the draw. Plus needing the computing power offered by probably some smart chargers to replicate games with impressive fidelity if there’s not a lot of internet connectivity jammed on.

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Reading between the lines it seems they promised that you could play your old stuff plus modern stuff on the one console.

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I feel like for modern stuff you need a massive pool of resources to make a console. Even the Ouya, which was kind of a neat idea even if I don’t regret not buying one, was kind of smart to avoid trying to be ‘high end’ at all and basically to target ‘phone game’ style casual gaming as it’s core thing.

To make a cutting-edge console, even one that’s basically a gaming PC in a locked configuration running a custom OS, you’ve got to go from ‘parts’ (CPU, GPU, etc.) to manufacturing as quick as possible. Howe many times has this Atari project probably tossed their design if they’ve been working this long.

(I think that’s part of what happened with the infamous Duke Nukem delay. Didn’t they basically restart development 2-3 times because they switched engines due to the engine aging?)

In case anyone suspected this of being merely a bump in the road:

Now that’s a big mess for sure.