April 1st stuff

I have to get me one of these

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I have to get me one of these[/quote]

As I’m reading this at 3 PM on 31 March. :smile:

That’s the advantage living this close to the dateline - I get to post the date dependent stuff before anyone else :laughing:

I need to remember to start a game of Master of Orion II tomorrow. I love it when my citizens demand a stadium and cream of mushroom soup.

Edited to add picture: Oh, and it’s cream of celery soup!

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The Pac-man add-on to Google Maps is… I’m trying not to laugh.

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Oh, and I wasn’t able to get my “non-GMO and Gluten-Free Wireless Router” Kickstarter up in time. Oh well, maybe next year.

ThinkGeek is selling powerwheels desert drifters.

And Game of Thrones Clue.

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I like the steam-powered gaming cabinet.

Amazon.com circa 1999:

um, according to my browser, that image tag is empty.

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Real product release for April 1st.

I’m intrigued, but don’t buy those things from Amazon right now. Need to do pricing.

Awesome, I can’t wait to buy new jerseys.


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I really hope this is a joke


Another Google offering:

Microsoft offers their first stable OS in over 20 years:

Hinge (dating app) for Toddlers

Richard Branson, of Virgin US Group, is moving his headquarters to Branson Missouri.


And from Doc Nickel:

I’ll be impressed when it comes in my favorite brews.