Anyone know anything about the Ubislate?

Has anyone here heard anything about the Ubislate by Datawind? Their entry-level tablet is $38.(And it’s a Canadian-based company, which is nice, too) I’m seriously thinking about getting one, but figured I check here first. :smile:

Never heard of them. Though I did have a Coby Kyros tablet (Korean knock off). It was horrible. I ended up pawning it off on a buddy. I kind of wish I still had it to use the screen in a couple projects I have in mind. I’d suggest splurging for a Nexus 7 (old one is fine. I have one) or a Kindle if you want a tablet.

The Nexus is very nice! We love ours. But if an Ubislate is only $38, you wouldn’t be out a lot if you decided to experiment.

My mom bought an iCraig (or something like that). It. Is. TERRIBLE. And she paid $70-something for it. The screen makes my eyes cross and is not as touch-friendly as it should be. I helped her set it up, and hope to never have to touch or look at the thing again.

The best cheap tablet in the UK at the moment seems to be Tesco’s Hudl. It’s £120 in the shops, unless you’ve got one of their loyalty cards, in which case with the “money off” vouchers they issue you can get it for as little as £60.

It’s a cracking little WiFi tablet. Not quite Nexus 7 (2013) levels, but good enough.