Anyone ever added memory to a Dell PowerEdge 320

I’ve been asked to help upgrade a Dell PowerEdge 320.

Here’s my reference for info on it:

From what I’ve seen it’s running 2x 4g modules right now. I assume they’re Registered DIMMs, and I should keep to Registered… But I can’t confirm.

I’m trying to determine if I can be lazy and order a single 8gig (or 16 if I convince the powers that be that the price is minimal) or if I should order in pairs (so 2x4 or 2x8).

Refurbed memory from the site linked seems a little iffy, too.

Any suggestions? Trying to keep this to a ‘one and done’ site visit to install RAM.

When the existing install is unknown (like, you can’t get to it to check the BIOS to see if it is indeed Registered RAM), I would prefer to get enough to swap it out entirely. If it has 4 slots, I’d try to get two 8GB sticks, so if the new RAM doesn’t play nice with the old RAM, you can leave it running with just the new RAM and it’ll have double what it did before.

Edit: Just looked at the link - it has 6 slots. They have 2 x 16GB sticks for $70. Crikey, that’s cheap!

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That was kind of my thought. THey need 16, order 16… If it ends up getting them to 24, everyone’s happy.

$70 is a small price to keep a box happy they want to keep running for 2-3 more years and their entire business is dependent on.

(It’s for $Wife’s work… And, yes, I am getting paid for this.)

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Exactly. Plus if they’ve been getting by with 8GB, then either larger amount should take that server through end of life. Win!

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So I ended up finally doing this today: Due to getting a deal, they got 3x8 which works fine with he existing 2x4, so they’re now running at 32 gigs of ram, which should get them through the server’s End of Life date next year, and the drop-dead date the year after.

Went pretty well, and I got lunch in addition to getting paid.