Any Lenovo People Here?

Got a Yoga 260 as my current work machine and wondering if there’s a way to get it to power two external displays in addition to or instead of the internal display when I’m docked via the mini port replicator thingy. Anyone done this? I’m currently doing VGA out and wondering if the others will work via a DisplayPort adapter to whatever it needs.

Do you have the OneLink dock? It supports up to 3 monitors.

I… do. In fact, I just noticed it has a model marked on the front. I thought it was all but anonymous.

I think i need to scare up a DP->??? Adapter. When I figure out which one I need… Might even have one in the Spares box at home!

I currently have a spare monitor on my desk attached to a jump box… Which has no keyboard, so monitor is kind of useless. Figure I’ll try hooking the monitor up.

So, I guess it isn’t really only for Select ThinkPad Models

Well, only certain models use that specific proprietary-ish dock connector. It’s not terrible,a s it means one cable to connect power, ethernet, USB (7?), audio, VGA, and a couple DP.

The connector is not a standard I’m used to. It’s also got some issue, as I get a weird visual glitch at least 3 times a week where there’s a sort of ‘halo’ of dots around objects on screen I fix by reconnecting the connector. Other than that it’s fine.

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