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The Dragonlady never used to play games. I got her interested in NekoAtsume (a cute little cat collecting game) and then in Fallout Shelter.

She spends our evenings watching television and playing with her shelters and it seems to work for her during the daily decompression.

I’m looking for other games for her that might be similar in execution, if not in theme. Nothing violent, I don’t think. Also, she hates paying for anything. Ever.



Now that I’ve been sucked into Fallout 4, why not add another distraction from life? :slight_smile:
I installed it on my tablet. I’ll czech it out and let you know if anything I already have is similar.


It’s cute. You dig out rooms and staff them with citizens. Increase their stats and send them out to the wasteland to scavenge for items. Send them to the barracks to make babies! There is even some internal logic so that relatives cannot couple. It has been updated recently (after I stopped playing it) so that you can have pets. It has that cute cartoony look like all of the PIPboy characters, so you should enjoy it if you already play the game. It’s a great time waster. Events continue to play out when you are offline, but nobody will die of starvation and no vault attacks take place while you are offline.

It’s your basic ant-hill game.


Pixel dungeon? Basically a souped-up version of nethack…

If that’s not in her line, smurf’s life should do it.


Does she like Bejeweled-type games but want a little strategy? Marvel Puzzle Quest.
Does she like Rick & Morty and/or Pokemon? Pocket Mortys. (BTW, Rick & Morty is fantastic. Go watch it if you haven’t seen it)


Just chiming in to say: yes Rick and Morty is BLOODY AMAZING!!!111!!one!

The game that I’ve played most on my mobile (shamefully iPhone) is actually [klondike] solitaire. There’s plenty of free versions out there that work just as well as the paid ones and it’s a neat time filler.


Asterix megaslap?


Aww now I feel old remembering 7th Year and learning French from Asterix comics (and then going home to read them in English and pretending I understood what they said the next day in class ;))


Downloaded the eighth continent the other day on my Nexus

Wife and eldest daughter is hooked

they already is busy with tiny bang story… great to see the adventure genre is not dead…


I am not sure if they are on android but the dark room and ensign are fantastic text and askey (is that how its spelled?) based games.

Also if you like time wasters i love tap titans and kingdom hearts unchained X

Spelling request suggestion provided by Nabiki
(ascii It stands for American Standard Code for Information Interchange)


ASCII stupid question, get a stupid ANSI. :wink:


Recently discovered Exiled Kingdoms. Both my eldest daughter and son is hooked.

Had to purchase play vouchers for them to unlock the full game.

I like games that you can play on a casual basis, then leave for a day or two, then play a little bit again.


Oh, another thing that grates my banana is those kind of games that you have to play absolutely every day, or lose out on some bonus etc. Angry Birds Epic is one of these.


LMAO, gonna have to use that one sometime


Is Guild of Dungeoneers out for Android? Good iOS game, and I think they’ve promised an Android version.

Basically, card-based dungeon-crawl. There’s three “layers” to it.

There’s a very thin ‘guild building’ where you lay your guild out on a grid. You start with an entryway, then add various rooms you purchase with gold. This layer is ‘thin’ as the layout doesn’t really mean anything: there’s no mechanics like faster service for rooms near the entrance or anything. No timed mechanics, no filler, though.

This does set up the second ‘layer’ which is when you send one of your guild members (you start with one, a random adventure of class “Chump”) on an adventure. The adventuring layer resembles the ‘map’ of the guild, in that it’s virtual graph paper covered by little hand-drawn-looking map tiles.

You alternate between this layer and the third battle layer. On “dungeon turns” you get to play 3 of 5 random cards, which consist or rooms, treasures, and monsters.

An important thing here is you don’t directly control your adventurer! You can give him or her incentive to go a certain way (put a Huge Gem in a room, or a monster they can probably kill). The room tiles have to ‘make sense’ for exits: If a space is nearly surrounded, you have to match all possible entrances with your tile. This can cause problems in the tougher ‘puzzle’ style adventures I’m getting to as I start the second chapter.

Combat is also a card-based game, but now it’s turns of combat. It’s a simple system: Physical and Magic damage, with possible blocks for each, and some special cards to mess with card hands or apply traits. Your adventurer’s equipment and traits give him or her different cards to play with, and there’s some definite advantage to knowing how the system works: You often get to see the opposing monster’s intended move and can react. See they’re sending two Physical damage your way? maybe you have a card to block some or all of that. See they’ve got a couple Magic blocks ready? Maybe hit’em with a stick instead.

It’s a good game. As you obtain gold your guild grows, building your roster of adventurers, all of who play a bit differently even in combat. I haven’t been pushed for any In-App Purchases, but I think they’ve mentioned doing so for future adventure packs, which would definitely be worth it. Fully worth the $2.99 I spent on it.



Nice Zelda clone.


REEEEallllyyy? I’ve been a bit of a Zelda freak… :slight_smile:


Try it, let us know what you think.

I have tried Exiled Kingdoms, but for me Oceanhorn just feels better.

Waiting for payday so that I can buy the full game.


I might see if it’ll run on my old phone, because I don’t want to sacrifice that much space on the new one (unless it can be stored on the SD card, which is harder to do these days with most apps). But I have it bookmarked. :slight_smile:


Man, I just went through last night and moved all my videos off my phone. 10 GB of home movies going back like 5 years, from phone to phone.