Android Apps

Ok, I was just going to ask a question about one particular ap (Feedly), but I realized that the thread we had before on CoG was pretty handy about what’s hot and what’s not.

Aps I love.
My Fitness Pal
iPP Podcast Player

Aps I tolerate.

Ap that I hate but can’t live without

I use Facebook to keep in touch with friends, Twitter and Instagram to keep in touch with my daughter and for news.

Feedly to read my comics and my news, but it is such an awkward piece of crap.If anyone uses an RSS reader that they are happy with let me know.

Waze is my go to GPS program, it may not always have the bet route, but it’s good for crowd sourcing traffic issues. Plus I get to be Pacman when I go somewhere no one else has been.

Pandora has now replaced any other form of music for me 90% of the time.

My Fitness Pal is how I’m trying to not be fat.

and iPP Podcast Player I just found and seems to be awesome so far.

Here are ones that I use a lot:
Poweramp - The standard music app that comes with Android doesn’t seem to handle collections of more than 1000 or so songs very well. You pay for Poweramp, but I really like it. (I have almost exactly 9,000 songs on my phone.)
OfficeSuite - You can read and edit .doc, .xls, etc files with this one
Flashlight - Nice to have a light source in an emergency.
ES File Explorer - Nice to be able to view the folder structure on your device. It also lets me connect to my server when I’m connected to my home domain’s wireless.

The next ones are kind of specialized, but good if you happen to be using/studying Japanese.
WWWJDIC - Japanese Kanji dictionary. You can write kanji in or take a picture.
OpenWnn plus - Japanese character keyboard

Steam - For access to those insane PC Game deals they do on weekends, even if I’m at my In-Law’s house.

Snapchat - Because my friend loves to send me stuff I’ll never see again.

Yelp - A lifesaver in uncharted territory.

Play Books - Google’s variant of eReader. Simple and works well. Love that I can highlight a word and I get definitions on the fly, though I doubt that’s an exclusive feature.

iHeartRadio - AM Radio, without the nasty AM sound.

Goggles - Crazy how this works, but this is actually a pretty neat tool to have.

Feedly is sadly the best I’ve come across that supports the Feedly back end. I used to use EasyRSS. I haven’t tried NewsBlur’s app though.

I love:

Crashplan for enabling me to get to my backups on the go
DoubleTwist Alarm as a smarter alarm clock
DroidLite, a torch app that doesn’t require funky permissions
ES File Explorer so I can get to all my files
Glance for turning my Pebble into a truly smart watch :wink:
Google Authenticator since really, you should be using two factor auth
Mantano Reader as the best eReader app that’s not linked to a single source
OpenVPN Connect so that I can use that untrusted WiFi safely
Play Music since I can listen to all my music on the go
Plex - allowing me to watch my movies anywhere I’ve got Internet access
Pushover for sending notifications from almost anything to my phone
Tasker, with Secure Settings, which has automated the living daylights out of my phone (they’re also the first 2 apps I’ll install on any new device)

I like

Google Maps for getting me places, and back again
HulloMail for breaking me free from my provider’s voice mail
LightFlow, when it works
Plume as an almost complete replacement for the standard Twitter and Facebook clients

I loathe

The official Facebook and Twitter clients. I mean, have you actually looked at the permissions the Facebook client wants?

I’m getting to like

Saga, for telling me things about my life that I kind of already knew
Waze, as an interesting alternative to Google Maps

I love:

Nova Launcher
Amazon MP3 Player
NASA App - for Third Rock Radio among other things
Smart Audiobook Player
Secure Settings
Camera Zoom FX
Titanium Backup
SkyDrive - Where Titanium backs up to
Gentle Alarm
Greenify - Best battery conserving app I’ve found
Chomp SMS
Google Tasks Organizer

I like

Simple - One of the best mobile banking apps
Google Maps
Fit Radio
Jefit Pro
MX Player Pro
Angry Birds
Word Search
Zombies Run
Zombies 5k

I loathe

WeightWatchers apps - Except for the scanner, they all crash on me. I just use the mobile site.
Facebook - Again… mobile site.
Twitter - Don’t use it. Don’t want it.

@Darktan - How large is your music collection? When I used the Amazon mp3 player, it didn’t work any better than the default music player. (It lost album art, crashed, it would play a song but have the wrong artist, title, album information)

I’m really happy with PowerAmp, but I’d like to know if there are decent alternatives out there.

Play Music has done fairly well for me. But, as you mentioned you have 9K songs, I think you have to pay after you’ve reached the 2K mark.

I have a good 80-120 GB of tunes at home (depends on if I include Gratch’s stuff). I use MediaMonkey at home and have a couple of playlists that generate a good list of tunes of both old and new. The playlist is about 300 songs so it’s a couple GB in size. About once a month or so, I hook up my phone and do a push of them to my phone. Primarily, I use all my music apps for streaming. I have an old unlimited data plan so I don’t worry too much. I used to have my collection streaming but that broke years ago and I never got around to fixing it or setting up a new one.

Apollo is nice replacement. I’m waiting on the MediaMonkey app to get in better shape but I don’t have high hopes.

I have 5.5K songs and haven’t paid for anything.

Apps I Love

  • Pocket Casts (if you listen to podcasts, do yourself a favor and buy this. Don’t question it, just buy it)
  • 1Password
  • Falcon Pro
  • Waze
  • Reddit News
  • Nova Launcher
  • Disk Usage (figured out that Pocket Casts wasn’t really deleting when it said it was thanks to this app)
  • RealCalc (has RPN mode. 'nuff said)
  • Shortyz (I do 1-2 crosswords a night in bed before nodding off)
  • Dropbox
  • ISS Detector
  • Key Ring (so I don’t have to carry all my store “club cards” with me)
  • SmartActions (Moto-only, does Tasker-like stuff)

** Apps I Like**

  • Runkeeper
  • Tinfoil for Facebook (wrapper for the Facebook mobile site)
  • Evernote
  • Google Music
  • Pocket (needs a way to sync “where I left off” position across devices, or at least reliably remember it on a given device)
  • Pandora
  • Ship Rack (package tracking through Google Now doesn’t seem to work for me)
  • c:geo (geocaching app)
  • Radar Express
  • Google Maps
  • Google Now

Apps I Tolerate

  • Fitocracy (better than v1, but still not great)
  • Feedly (it’s…glitchy. Not a huge fan of Feedly overall but it’s serviceable and I don’t want to pay for Newsblur which I understand is great)

Apps I Loathe

Uh…Usually if I have really strong negative feelings about an app, I’ll just dump it.

As I flip through my list of apps, I realize there’s a whole bunch that I rarely if ever use. I really ought to purge a bunch.

Apps I Wish Existed


gReader can talk to Feedly’s cloud service and it looks/works much like Google Reader did before Google sent that service to live on a farm upstate. I had it hooked up for a while but for reasons I don’t recall I gave that up and just use Feedly’s own app. And I agree, it’s an awkward POS.

I’m biding my time till I get my own server online (in the basement or online) and then self-hosting tt-rss.

I’ve got about 9K songs and haven’t paid Google anything.

You people and your apps are crazy.

Tweetbot for twitter, Google Authenticator for 2-factor. Lots of audio books for car rides. Other than that, stock e-mail and browser and messaging apps. Everything else is banished to the the “shit I can’t delete” folder.

I’ve got both NewsBlur and Feedly, though I stopped using NewsBlur some time back. I just gave it another spin and I have to say that I prefer Feedly - it just gets little usability features right.

Now, 20 minutes isn’t enough time for an in depth comparison I’ll admit. However after those 20 minutes I had no desire to keep using NewsBlur.

I may have to give gReader a whirl though and see if it’s any better.

I may haveto check out some of y’alls picks.

I love:
My Fitness Pal

I Like:
Kroger App
AT&T U-verse app

I Loathe:
Afaria - needed because this is a work phone.


I have a phone that allows me to play soduku and solitaire as well. That’s pretty much it. Oh, it also has an alarm clock too (the built-in one).

@CryHavok @dakboy

Okay, okay, I forgot to add a zero. It’s 20,000 songs. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I have about 50k, I use winamp. I haven’t put any on my phone. Not sure why not. I need to look into that.

It amazes me that according to iTunes I have like $40,000 worth of music on an external hard drive.

Ah, 20K is the limit of the songs you can add (upload) to Play Music’s cloud service

Assuming you’re paying $1.29 for every song, that’s only a little over 30K songs. You have some that are on sale. Not bad.