And now for something completely different




Good luck, I hope you are more comfortable with life now. I was talking to someone I worked with years ago and she made the comment that she had to keep in mind that just because she was working on solving one problem it didn’t mean that all her other issues went away. She would get so frustrated at work things or household issues because everything was supposed to get better, and some shit just doesn’t change ever. And while some things actually do get better, some get worse… I guess it’s just a choice of fighting which battles.

Give me a shout.


I’m not expecting my transition to solve all my problems. But it will allow me quit spending so much energy on a rather large one so I have more available for everything else.


Wait, it just occurred to me…
When your transition is done, what will you scratch? Will you need a new zot? :grinning:


The scratching was done on a pool table. Nothing gender specific there at all. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Ahhh, I see. That was before my time.


Indeed it was. :slight_smile:


I’m holding you to this next time I come to Texas. My bestie lives in Houston now and I also have some peeps in Austin and San Antonio. So while I’m in Dallas, I’ll rent a car and take a trip.


It’ll be on like Donkey Kong.


You’ll pass by me on the way to see @Lee_Ars. Either wave as you go by, or stop and pick me up. We can do lunch or something. Or maybe hit the Game Preserve!


That place looks cool.


It is! From what I understand, the owner and his friends do most of the refurbishing. AFAIK, all the games in there are authentic, classic arcade cabinets. I went to a friend’s party at a different nerd “arcade”, but almost all of the cabinets had emulator PCs inside. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it is nice to have the actual correct controls with labels for what they do, instead of blindly guessing.


We have a local shop, two actually, that have the same name but are board game and rpg stores.