A topic to have some user data available

I’ve imported the default set of data, but I’d like to have at least one user-generated topic. Hence, this post!

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Oh, man, a discussion. This is awesome. I love discussions and I want to be a part of this shit post-haste.

Hey, @forumadmin, I’m going to mention you and see what happens.

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Hey, thanks, Lee_Test! One like for you!

Granted @Nabiki mod privileges so she can see ALL THE THINGS. Or at least some of the things.

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How do I break the forum?

Do you see my old posts? I just clicked a button to delete all of my posts, and there was no warning or anything. I still see them, but they’re highlighted in pink.

Edit: Oh, I see. I have an option to undelete the post. I wonder if they go away after a while, or if they will always show up for me in pink.

Deleted posts should always show up as pink for mod/admins. Bonus!

Lets see if … gahh big yellow sign-popup KILL! ahem… quotes work now…

Yep, very javascripty. I started a thread to discuss the back-end, but it’s worth noting here that Discourse relies very heavily on client-side javascript for, well, just about everything.

There’s actually a brave soul porting it to node.js right now, which AFACT would move most of the content generation burden back onto the server and (presumably) reduce the script-work necessary in the browser, but I don’t think that’ll happen soon.

Let’s see what happens when I reply to a deleted post. Will that break anything?

I like this and wish to subscribe to your newsletter.

Hmmm the yellow poppy thing is annoying from an iPad (at least in landscape)

Discourse’s mobile theme is…basically nonexistent, at least so far. iPads should be mostly OK, but there’s definitely no concessions yet for smartphone-sized displays.

A reply to self, how gauche.

The forum feels snappy once the page loads, though its notable that, post opening a new topic/page there is a period of “blankness” that is slightly close to my “something’s wrong” threshold. It’s not over it, it’s just close.

That little delay just started, too. I think the latest git pull might have introduced some funkiness.

But, hey, the good thing is that this software is in very active development, and updates are issued pretty much daily.

Typing something then deliberately backing up to see if it retains state.

Yey, it did.

From a UI perspective I’ll have the post writing experience of this in Ars.

Actually I take that back, the auto update scrolls the screen while you type, which is seriously annoying if you are trying to reposition a cursor at the time (it dumped a bunch of auto quote stuff in I just hand deleted) that’s annoying.

Regardless I’ll take markdown over BBCode any day

but fuck me the auto scroll makes me want to kill someone :slight_smile:
The smiley code is very crappy. I type the normal simple one, and it auto complete to :100:

Smiley code is definitely non-standard; it’s intended to give access to the whole emoji set, so it’s both richer and also more confusing. I think I can turn that off or at least modify it.

I’m not a fan of markdown and I’d prefer BBCode, but that’s likely because I’m just an old angry man and I’ve been using BBCode forever.

You are cleary insane :smile:

Seriously, :slight_smile: should be an auto smiley! Just don’t do it on a paste operation without a tap to something saying “yes, interpret this a if I typed it”

Feature request: Can you make Gravatar optional? I don’t mind using it, and I’m aware that user-defined avatars are in the future (as intuitive as that feature ought to be), but I really don’t want to set up yet another throwaway email just for this community.

(This is obviously pokrface replying)

Definitely post that over on http://meta.discourse.org, which is the forum maintained by the actual Discourse devs.

I’ve love to turn it off, and the instant it’s incorporated into the codebase, I’ll be toggling it off and toggling on user-definable avatars.