A Thread for Jokes


If you’re glib with your tongue and you’re married to Chung, that’s a Maury.


Spider Robinson worked a whole pun contest into one of his books… I mean, more than usual for him… and there was a whole long “That’s Amore” song contest.


When you put tuna fish with white sauce in a dish, that’s a mornay


Somebody found this old advert somewhere.


I’ve seen pictures of that for dogs. Still doesn’t deal with the valid issue that dogs, goats, children, octopodes, etc. all have sensitive eyes. And getting most of them to wear goggles is a real pain.


When does a joke become a dad joke?

When it becomes apparent!


The Prime Minister.

She is both the joke and the punchline!


Same with our President.


Trumpmenistan. Borat be visiting soon.


Very nice! High five!