A Thread for Jokes


If you want to add something similar (but weirder IMO), add Stan Against Evil. Some good quotes from the show:

Stan: What the hell is that?
Lara: Sage. It purifies the air of the room.
Stan: Smells like a pregnant raccoon died in your chimney.

Lara: This is a wraith. The ancients declared them invincible.
Stan: Well, the ancients didn’t have the same shovel technology available to us now.

And my favorite…

Pony needs blood!


I was just listening to a podcast that was talking about SaE. I’m thinking it was Spontaneanation and the host had a couple people from the show on doing improv.

I have way too much on my ‘media to consume’ pile. I really need to go through it. My podcast pile alone is hovering around 40 assuming a quiet week.


If you can VPN over to a UK server, SKY TV’s on demand service has it in HD… and as far as I’m aware there isn’t a BluRay of it yet.


A brony’s nightmare? :smile:


When I was in a band, I knew a Russian sound tech.

I also knew a Czech one too.


I just uttered the phrase “80’s British Establishment chic” un-ironically while referring to a manual for some BBC Micro software…


This begs further detail.


The BBC Micro/Master systems were part of a government scheme to help bring computers to schools. As such, they were very “establismenty”. Imagine if the Department for Education in America had worked much, much more closely with Apple. All of the user guides had really nice aesthetics, which were mirrored in regular education textbooks and other publications.


Also look at these, you can see the 90s are attacking the artwork…


I’m aware of the BBC - my (Aussie) high school actually had a lab full of them for my first year there, with a Master as server. LOGO aplenty!

What I was ultimately interested in was how you came to be reading a manual for BBC Micro software (and the software for which you were reading said manual). :slight_smile:

The box of RISC OS 3 manuals looks like it was for the Archie A3000 or A5000 series… amirite?


Full marks @moufassa!

I wasn’t reading the manual per se, but me and the husbear are launching an ARG project of proportions so large we’re going to have to go hardware hunting to do all the things we want. Part of the ARG requires Teletext, requires a Teletext generator card, requires a BBC Master, requires [remainder of yak shave omitted].


Well I should be very interested to read about that, when it’s going.

Side note about the Archie - we didn’t see many of those in the wild down here, being mainly Mac in that era Commodore 64/128/Amiga in the 8/16-bit era. A mate of mine acquired an Archie A5000 many years ago and brought it along to a retro computing meet. He set it up next to my Amiga A1200 and it was really impressive! RiscOS has some really nice features that just weren’t around on other machines at the time. Very reminisce of the Psion palmtop series vs WinCE/Palm et al. battle of the late 90s.

My (060-equipped) A1200 was running a nice looking demo, and my mate ran one on the Archie that looked nearly as good - on the ARM7? CPU.

If I had the money and one came up I would buy the shit out of that. The only downside is the lack of crowd support compared with the Amiga.


Odd you should mention Psion… Why? It was released as the Acorn Pocket Book here :smiley:

RISC computing beat the living daylights out of the x86 machines of the day; the husbear’s ARM7500FE-equipped RISCstation in the cupboard would outperform a Pentium 3 despite the Pentium running at hundreds of megahertz and the RISCstation humming along at 40MHz and sipping 5W TDP. Interestingly enough, that’s a similar chip to the one in the GameBoy Advance, so if ever there was a good example of “too many horses for too small a cart” then I think we have a winning contender.

I never had much contact with Amiga machines myself, but I can compare apples to Apples and my Performa 6200 from 1996 doesn’t do too badly as a comparison and that’s clocked at 75MHz. The RISCstation also benefits from booting from ROM so while my Performa is busy polling the hard drive to make sure it doesn’t have to spend time loading the dreaded blinking [?], the RISCstation is already loading Maestro files :stuck_out_tongue:

As for The Project, we’re still mulling over actual Teletext signals or just spoofing the Pages From Ceefax (anyone who visited the UK in the 90s will remember how we loved just turning off programmes at night and allowing people who had TVs from the 70s and earlier to experience Teletext) before a broadcast. Actual Teletext would be impressive and ensure that only true ARG players would get all the secrets, but at the same time just capturing from a Teletext mode on a Beeb would allow for delicious animations (like this Bad Apple video).


I have a Psion Series 5mx. :slight_smile: Hmm, I thought Psion was the worldwide brand (except in certain markets where it was released as an Ericsson).

We should probably take this to the Order of Retrocomputing Appreciatives - CoG chapter thread. See you over there :slight_smile:


You sure will… but not right now because it’s 01.51 local time and I really gotta sleep :stuck_out_tongue:


Do RISC in general really outperform CISC?

If so, why do we need CISC anyway?


And this thread is utterly derailed :smile:


I don’t deal with microarchitecture stuff, but from what I’ve heard X86-64 is basically a CISC translated to RISC. Brute force optimization won over a cleaner, more elegant design.


A 40MHz ARM chip outperforms a 450MHz Pentium III for the same tasks, yes. However it’s much, much more complicated than that and I am by no means an expert. It’s something to do with limiting the number of tasks the processor does, but making it very, very good at them, and then having a larger cache. The data is crunched faster because you’re doing fewer things to it and then working the rest out afterwards as modifiers. An inaccurate metaphor might be a comparison between a pie crusting machine which is simple and can make 2 pie crusts per minute compared to the complex human cook who can make a whole pie but it takes 20 minutes.


These made me laugh. Both sung to the tune of “That’s Amore”. Any young whippersnappers may need to look that up (never mind, I did it for you).

When you swim in a creek and an eel bites your cheek that’s a moray


When the moon hits your knees and you mispronounce trees sycamore