A thread for bacon

It’s really hard to imagine sometimes, but there are breeds of pig that fit in your palm for at least the first couple weeks of life.

Just think, bacon smaller than the egg.


I made candy bacon for the first time the other day. Sprinkle cininimionin sugar on bacon put in the over for 10 minutes flip, and sprinkle synonym sugar on it again.

Make a limited amount at a time, because you’ll eat it all.


My girlfriend made that at her dad’s Super Bowl party. But she used brown sugar. It was amazing.

I’ll try brown sugar on half and cinnanimimnum sugar on the other half.

I’m making Nutella Bites this weekend for Spawn’s friend coming over to play Pathfinder. Brownie mix in the bottom of a cupcake cup, chocolate chip cookie, candy bacon, nutella, brownie mix, nutella. Eat and apparently fall over dead.

And no, I can’t spell cinnamon and I have no idea why it’s so difficult for me. It’s right up there with definately, and some other word I can’t remember now.


(Thanks for the laugh)

Here’s my trick: Define and Finite. Definitely.

I still have a problem with “reallize” and “oppurtunity”. I blame it on my Irish and Welsh heritage.

Apparently my head doesn’t have any more room for spelling tricks. Someone told me one for the other word I can’t remember and I couldn’t even repeat it back to them, it’s a block.

It’s weird, but a kids spelling show still runs through my head when I spell enough.

I can hear the character saying “Eee nuh guh huh”

And that’s the way you spell it!

My kids won’t eat bacon. I had to force them to touch it the other day. I know they don’t eat other food, either, but, somehow, I feel I’ve failed as a parent…


That’s entirely the wrong attitude. Kids won’t eat bacon = more bacon for you!


I wish I hadn’t scrolled down and seen this thread again. Now I’m hungry.

Threadus Ressurectus!

I was looking for a lorem ipsum generator for something at work, and came across this:


There is a new meat shop in town. Some of the bacon and beef I’ve bought there I’ve waved at while driving down the road while it was still being manufactured.


I’ve always wanted to start a butcher shop with the slogan “you can’t beat our meat”. :smile:

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Below the Google map.

I have found that while I can’t beat their prices that the actual cuts of meat almost appear to be seconds. Weird shaped chops, thin NY strips, sausage and ground beef was good, the local shop may be more per pound it’s only 3 minutes away and this place is 35-40 minutes away. And their ribs are kick ass, as well as the roasts, and the stakes. And the bacon is heavenly, when they first opened the special was bacon for $2.49 a pound.

Heh, and once again I show that I’m a Midwesterner. Distance is time, not mileage.

People in LA also do this. Because depending on traffic and time of day a given trip can take 10 min or 30.

Or two hours.

That’s why you stay the hell off the 405 no matter what time it is. :smile:

Sounds like the Don Valley Parking Lot Parkway up here.