A thread for bacon

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I was at the grocery store earlier. Oscar Meyer now has bacon-flavored bologna.

Has anyone else notice how much the price of bacon has gone up? I don’t even buy it anymore since it’s gotten so expensive!

I only buy the bacon bits (the real kind, not the soy imitation), but yeah, the price has gone up.

The price of everything has gone up. Except for my paycheck.

My girlfriend buys some kind of turkey bacon. I don’t know if it is cheaper or not. Surprisingly, I don’t hate it.

That’s the truth! I’ve noticed that bacon and honey seem to have gone up more than most other items, though.

I didn’t notice it on honey, but I wasn’t exactly firing on all cylinders at the time. Chest cold, ya know.

People are always complaining about the cost of living. None of them ever seem to do anything about it, however.

I will be glad to adopt any plan of action that you are reasonably sure will affect the cost of living in a positive way, to be enjoyed by all.

I’m growing my own vegetables and not buying stuff that has gotten outrageously expensive… Since we’re in a serious drought too, I’ve put a bucket in the shower to catch all that water that would normally go down the drain while waiting for the water to heat up, and I’m using that to water the garden.

Ding ding ding! You’re the winner! Bees have been decimated by some environmental problem I don’t remember, since I don’t work with bees. Pigs, on the other hand, I do know about. The price of pork is only expected to get worse in the short term, as there is a virus that is wiping out entire litters of piglets, leaving no piggies to be fed out for slaughter. Until they get this virus under control and healthy litters are able to be maintained, the price of pork will stay high. We may be adding a hog or two to our steer order this time around just to try and mitigate that some.

That’s what I figured. I knew about the bees dying (due to pesticides making them more vulnerable to a type of fungus that is wiping out hives) and was expecting the price of honey to go up, and I also heard about the pig disease too, so I’m not really surprised that pork prices are going up either. I’m just going to live without until things get back under control. It’s going to be hard on the serious bacon lovers, though.

Okay… so what environmental/disease vector is making housing more expensive? Dutch Elm Disease? Chronic Metal Fatigue?

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Greed. Global warming. Drought. Take your pick.


I’d give my opinion, based on observations, but this thread has already been derailed enough.

A common street food around here is hotdogs wrapped in bacon and then grilled. I noticed at the store that they are now selling the “raw” (hotdogs are not, technically, raw) hotdogs wrapped in bacon are now being sold in packs of eight, just like regular hotdogs.

I think my facetiousness got lost in translation.

On a more serious note, yes, things are a lot more expensive than they used to be. I remember when lamb cutlets (the tiny circle of meat attached to the rib) were classed as “poor people’s food” and were dirt cheap. Now they’re at the other end of the scale and over AU$30 per kilo. Steak? laugh AU$20 per kilo is cheap.

The same goes for fruit and vegetables - our winter stone fruit have just started arriving in the stores. I refuse to pay AU$12 per kilo for peaches.

Overseas investors and property speculators.

Over here, we have hordes of mainland Chinese (as opposed to Hong Kong or Taiwanese) business people buying up as much property as they can. Whether it’s a long-term investment plan, or a quick way to get their money out of China, I don’t know.

What I do know is that first-time home buyers have been totally priced out of the market. The average apartment near me starts at AU$320,000 for a one bedroom place. Want someplace where you can swing a cat? Expect to pay AU$400k and upwards.

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No, I simply replied in the same language.

Oh, yeah. BACON

This makes me laugh. I am a heartless carnivore. :heart_eyes_cat: