100% RAM usage equals instant power-down?


System Restore got disabled? Hope it is not a pesky trojan/virus/worm/cryptolocker.

It can also be due to your wonky HDD…


I didn’t put it in, but I only had System Restore active for the boot partition and the program partition and skipped the data partitions. I set it up that way to get a little bit of a performance boost of not having the swap file on the same partition as where the programs were installed. I think I was trying to extend the lifespan of the SSD that has the boot partition. I’m not going to bother with splitting it up next time.

As to whether any malware got in and that’s what disabled System Restore on the boot and program partitions, if it did, it’s been laying low for about 2 or 3 years now. No wonkiness I can detect other than the typical Windows weirdness. Nothing in Task Manager I can’t identify, etc.


Happened again about a half hour ago, and this time, when I did a reboot, the BIOS started chirping about the CPU temperature being too high, around 74° C. After letting it cool down a bit and rebooting into the BIOS setup area, I was able to watch the CPU temperature slowly climb a degree every 10 seconds or so.

Shut down again, let it cool off longer and it’s perfectly fine again. Currently running at 31° C. Since this is the second processor for this motherboard for the same kind of problem, it has to be something in the motherboard itself. I’ll replace it someday and do the OS reinstall at that time since I’ll probably have to call Microsoft anyway to get authorization due to too many components being changed at the same time.


See now, right when I’m feeling my most disappointed in Apple, when they do something grotesque like killing the Airport base stations, when they refuse to admit to flaws in their ridiculous keyboard designs, it’s little things like that which remind my why I’m so damn happy to keep using macOS.

I really don’t mean that in a smug way I assure you (we have a Windows PC for gaming on, trust me I know how infuriating it really is) it just always throws into sharp relief how utterly shitty Microsoft’s attitude to basic end-user software still is. Change some hardware on your computer? Quick, re-license! Oh, you had the OEM license which included a section about no user-servicable parts? Better buy a new license!

See Redmond, this is why you’ll never win over Unix, whatever flavour it may be. Anyway I digress; I agree with your prognosis, two different chips failing the same way is suspicious. If you fancy a break from x86, there’s fancy new things going on in the world of Power9 that legitimately had me wishing Apple would surprise us all with a PowerMac G9 this WWDC…


Microsoft’s licensing seems much less annoying to me than Cisco’s, but then again I deal with Cisco’s a lot right now. On the IOS-XE devices licensing is divided into 9-ish packages that enable various features, and the right combo is needed to do a lot of things that make the expensive router worth it. If there’s an issue there’s a self-service portal to rehome licenses but it’s well under 20% for actually being usable when I need it, so I make a Field Engineer wait on-site until it’s fixed. Cisco’s paying the FE anyway, so it’s their loss. And my time, patience, and sanity.


We go through quite a few hardware re-license stuff due to always upgrading one thing or another. Honestly, expect for when they first rolled it out it’s been fine. I call the automated line and re-set it. Takes like 2 minutes now and I never speak to a person (Always a bonus). And I say this knowing that I’m probably jinxing myself. I’m swapping/upgrading the motherboard in the media server next weekend.


We used to have to do this more frequently with one set of PCs that has now been retired. Similar experience to @Darktan - it wasn’t too bad, just tedious typing in the long string of numbers.


After talking with an employee at a store I usually get my parts at, they made me aware that the newest motherboards such as the ones with AMD’s Socket AM4 aren’t going to offer good support for Windows 7 in the future. I need to look into this more, but my goal would be just replace the motherboard and CPU so I can re-use the RAM, OS and video card.


It’s early, I’m tired. Totally read that as “After talking with an employee at a store I usually get my pants at…”